Collectors' Dolly Connection

Gotta Dolly item to sell? Looking for something specific from Dolly to complete your collection? Post it here for free. Just e-mail me at with the subject line "Post Collect," and I'll put it up. All readers who post a listing are asked to please send an e-mail to me for your item to be removed once it has sold or you have located and purchased what you wanted to buy. If you do not contact me, items will be listed for a maximum period of four months, after which time they will be automatically deleted unless you send a message at that time asking it to continue to be posted. Thanks for your cooperation. I assume no responsibility for any results of sales from this site.


  • July 7: Anyone know how to get Dolly's 1975 live performance of "Jolene" from the IN CONCERT album on mp3 or cd?  Vinyl not wanted.  My net searches are not turning it up.  Email is  Thanks!
  • July 7: I would like to buy any alternate outtakes of Dolly's studio recordings that are available.  If anyone can provide these, please email me at  Many thanks.

  • July 24: I have a hand carved wood portrait of Dolly Parton dressed in red,white and blue, signed love Dolly Parton with a color photo of her on back , holding the same carving. Serious enquiries only to: Park