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Gotta Dolly item to sell? Looking for something specific from Dolly to complete your collection? Post it here for free. Just e-mail me at with the subject line "Post Collect," and I'll put it up. All readers who post a listing are asked to please send an e-mail to me for your item to be removed once it has sold or you have located and purchased what you wanted to buy. If you do not contact me, items will be listed for a maximum period of four months, after which time they will be automatically deleted unless you send a message at that time asking it to continue to be posted. Thanks for your cooperation. I assume no responsibility for any results of sales from this site.


Hello Dolly Fans!
Do you have extra frequent flyer miles? 
Dollypalooza 2016 in NYC is looking for awesome fans to donate frequent flyer miles (from any major US airline) to help raise funds for Dolly's charity, Imagination Library!  Your miles will be used in the silent auction on September 3rd to send two lucky winners to Dollywood!
We are a VERY small team of mostly volunteers, and we rely on generous fans like you to donate the prizes for the auction. 
In return for your donation, Dollypalooza will give you a shout out on the website and during the event. Plus, we'll make sure to let Dolly's people know it was YOU that helped us get a fabulous top level prize, that will mean more kids get access to great books through her charity.
If you are interested in supporting the cause, please email our outreach coordinator for more details:
Thanks so much!


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