Highlights from Dolly's Feb. 10 interview with Lorianne Crook on TNN's "Crook and Chase": Note: This interview was apparently a repeat from one done with Dolly in October 1992.

* When asked about where she got the strength to deal with entertainment business people, such as walking into a movie studio and saying she's not an actress but thinks she can do a movie, she responded, "I think I had everything to gain and nothing to lose." She said the worst they could tell her was, "No," and it wouldn't bother her.

* When asked why she keeps herself busy, she said she was blessed with talent and to not do with it as much as she can do, "I would be sinning against myself or against the holy spirit." She said she sometimes asks herself why she is able to do so much and why she was given the talents she has, saying, "I think God picked me because He knew I could handle it."

* She said she loves her family and could have grown up to simply marry and have kids and stay in the mountains but wanted more. "I wanted a different life," she said, explaining she didn't want to stay at home and have a bunch of children and not be able to afford new clothes or medical expenses. "I'm glad I started (my career) early, and I hope I can go late," she said.

* When asked what keeps her working, she said, "I have to stay busy because boredom is not a good thing for a person like me." She said since she is such a sensitive and creative person that when she stops working, she gets bored, and when she gets bored, she gets depressed and sad. "I think too much, I think too deep, and I think too hard," she said. But when she gets sad or angry, she said she tries to channel that energy into her work, that writing and performing songs are a release which act as a therapy. "I don't lose my temper," she said. "But I use it."

* When asked what her biggest blessing was, she responded her freedom to work. When asked what her biggest mistake was, she said, "I hadn't made any." She explained that she has no regrets for anything she's ever done and that something most people may see as a mistake she may see as her blessing and find something positive from it.