Dolly was spectacular on "Donnie and Marie" March 2! She got a minute-long standing ovation from the audience. The brother-sister hosts both fawned over Dolly, with Marie asking her to sing a bit of "Eagle When She Flies" right from the interview couch; Dolly consented. They talked about her growing up in a large, poor family of 12 kids, getting the idea for her image from the town trash as a country girl's idea of glamour, and her marriage to her husband of nearly 33 years, Carl Dean. She talked about Dollywood and its new Southern gospel hall of fame and $9 million Tennessee Tornado roller coaster. (Donnie loved her calling it a "rolley coaster" and repeated that over and over.) Dolly talked about her April 1 gospel special on TNN and sang "The Seeker," which she said she performs on the special. During the song, the younger members of the audience, both black and white, were standing up and dancing. Everyone was clapping to the rhythm. During audience questions, she said her greatest weakness is food and that she has never feared doing anything and has done just about anything she wanted to do. Later, she performed "I Will Always Love You" with Donnie and Marie, and the show closed with the three singing "9 to 5," again with the younger crowd in the audience singing and dancing around. Surprisingly, though, there was no mention made of Trio II.