After the Super Bowl, Dolly showed up as herself on FOX's "The Simpsons." Homer and about a dozen of his buddies from Springfield headed to the Super Bowl on a bus, to arrive only to find their tickets were bogus (printed on crackers). So they stormed the place but ended up in the stadium holding cell. Dolly walked by, and Homer called, "Hey, cleaning lady." She responded that she was no cleaning lady, that she was Dolly Parton and had to go perform in the halftime show. Well, Homer's tour guide buddy called to her, and it turned out she knew him because he books lots of trips to Dollywood, so she let them out by dissolving the lock on the cell door with her industrial make-up remover. After they thanked her, she put on a Snoopy head and used a jetpack rocket to head off for the half-time show. But that's pretty normal for "The Simpsons."