Dolly appeared on "The Howie Mandel Show" March 3 to promote her upcoming TNN gospel special and Dollywood's 14th season. She performed "The Seeker" and sang the first song her mother saved that she had written: "Little Tiny Tasseltop," which she wrote about a corn cob doll when she was 5. She talked about the new roller coaster at Dollywood and the southern gospel hall of fame as well as her childhood, food, her husband and a few other things. Howie showed her a couple of Dolly dolls, at which Dolly joked they were just like her, made of plastic. A guest from Sea World brought a few animals out, and Dolly really liked the two-toed sloth. She kept petting it as it hung from a tree next to her and even rubbed her nose to its nose at one point, at which Howie accused her of Eskimo kissing the sloth.