Dolly's label history

1998-January 1999 Decca (a division of MCA/Universal, closed on Jan. 21):

One album, Hungry Again (her 58th album, including her five original best of/greatest hits releases); no Top 20 singles

*Note: This and all Dolly albums since 1994 have been released on a primary label in conjunction with Dolly's own label, Blue Eye Records.

1996-97 Rising Tide (also a division of Universal, closed in 1997):

One album, Treasures; no Top 20 singles

*Note: Treasures cut "Peace Train" re-mixed and released on Flip-It Records in 1997 to become one of the year's biggest selling dance singles.

1987-95 Columbia (a division of CBS Inc. until 1991, when bought out by Sony):

Seven original albums, one greatest hits compilation

Three No. 1 country singles/two additional Top 20 country

Two gold/platinum albums (+1 million copies), three additional gold albums (+500,000 copies)

*Note: In 1994, Dolly teamed up with Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt on Asylum/Warner Brothers for a sequel to the Trio album, but it will not be released until February 1999.

*Note: In 1992, Dolly's soundtrack to Straight Talk was released on Hollywood (a division of Elektra/Warner Brothers); no Top 20 singles

1987 Warner Brothers (a division of Warner Communications):

One album, Trio

One country No. 1/three additional Top 20 country

Album gold/platinum

1967-1986 RCA/Victor (a division of RCA Corp.; in 1989, after Dolly was cut, became a division of BMG Entertainment):

44 original albums (including 12 with Porter Wagoner, one with Kenny Rogers); four greatest hits compilations while on the label (including one with Wagoner); several other compilation releases both while on the label and after leaving, including Best of Volume 3, a box set, and three releases in the Essential series

20 country No. 1s (including one with Wagoner, two with Rogers)/41 additional country Top 20 singles (including 16 with Wagoner); two pop No. 1s (including one with Rogers)/two additional pop Top 20 singles

One gold/platinum/double platinum album (with Rogers); two additional gold/platinum albums; four additional gold albums; one platinum single (+2 million copies; with Rogers); two gold singles (+1 million copies)

*Note: In 1982, the soundtrack to The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, a Universal picture, was released on MCA, but MCA and RCA shared the rights to the recording, so it is included above.

*Note: In 1982, Monument released Dolly's '60s vocals on "Everything is Beautiful" as a duet teamed with new vocals by Willie Nelson, reaching No. 7 on the country chart.

1965-67 Monument (independent company while she was there; later bought out by CBS):

One album while there, Hello I'm Dolly; one collection of unreleased material put out after she left, As Long as I Love, 1970; several compilation releases after leaving

One Top 20 country single

1962 Mercury:

One single released; uncharted

1957 Goldband:

Several songs recorded; one single released 1959; uncharted


Although she recorded a few things prior to 1965, since her first album release of 1967, she has had: 58 original albums (including the five original best of/greatest hits collections), 24 country No. 1s/48 additional Top 20 country singles; two pop No. 1s/two additional pop Top 20 singles; one double platinum album, three additional platinum albums, seven additional gold albums, one platinum single, and two additional gold singles.