For anyone who missed it, Dolly got beaten on MTV's "Celebrity Deathmatch: Deathbowl '99" during the half-time of the Super Bowl. She faced actress Jennifer Lopez in the "Battle of the Bulges." Each had been equipped with super cyborg enhancements (Dolly to her breasts and Lopez to her behind), and when Dolly called out the "big guns" to strangle Lopez with her cyberbreasts, Lopez hit a few buttons to make them go haywire, inflating them beyond control and making Dolly begin floating above the fighting ring. Lopez then used her enhanced buns to blast Dolly out of the building and into orbit, where she exploded. Pretty ridiculous, but so is every episode of that show. And although they usually impersonate the voices of the real celebrities pretty well, whoever did Dolly didn't do a very good job. (In the main event, Evander Hollified blew up Mike Tyson with a building demolition.)