On Prime Time Country: An Evening With Dolly Parton on Sept. 30, Dolly announced the following items:

The follow-up release to the hugely successful Trio album of 1987 with Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt will be titled Trio 2 and was produced by Ronstadt and the producer of the original Trio project, George Massenburg. She also said it will not be released until after the first of the new year, "hopefully" in the spring. (Earlier reports had said that the release date had been moved up to November.)

She confirmed her next single from Hungry Again will be "The Salt in My Tears," which she performed electrifyingly on the show (although her voice did crack when moving from the high head voice parts back to her normal range).

She said she would like to record another duet album with Porter Wagoner, although she said she didn't know if they could find the time to do it or a label to release it.

She said if Hungry Again is successful, she'd like to release up to two more albums containing the remaining 25 songs she wrote during her Hungry Again fasting session in her mountain cabin.