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We are a UK based television production company called knickerbockerglory. We are currently making a show about celebrities and their fans and we are looking for Dolly Parton's number one fan in the UK! If any of Dolly's Pals would like to get in touch with us about the show, please email us at with a little bit about yourself, your love of Dolly and any memorabilia you might own. We would also love to see some pictures! Thanks!

hi my name is robert im 26 from ireland and im looking to make new friends with dolly fan from all over the world my email address is why not give me an email and we can talk about dolly. im a student i just completed a two year course in advance business management im hopeing to go on to to college to become a chef. i started to liek dolly when i was about 14 when i hear one of her songs and i just loved dolly from that moment on ive seen dolly once in concert and i just love her she an amazeing lady.

Abby Hello I'm Abby from Louisiana. I'm a huge Dolly Parton fan!!!! And I just wanted to become a part of the pen pals my email address is you can email me at anytime. Thanks.

Hi all. Anita here from the UK. Always been a real fan of Dolly for quite a few yrs now! I'm 24. Mum, Dad and I went to TN for a holiday in 2008 we had a fantastic time! We went to Dolly's park, it was amazing! Sadly we missed Dolly by a week! Though we are coming back to TN this August so hopefully she will be around somewhere! I have all her albums, can't say I have a favourite song as they are super and never get tired of listening to them! Also have got her DVD's too! Looking forward to making some Dolly friends!

Hello My name is Stephen Evans and I live in Nashville TN! I have loved Dolly Parton since forever and love her to pieces! Living in Nashville I have almost met her so many times its crazy. Dolly fills my heart with so much joy that I cant explain it. She is always smiling and I think that is what brought me to her to begin with. And then when I heard her sing well it was all over! I would love to have other Fans of dollys as penpals!

Hello, my name is WALLEY. I live In the UK and I am a BIG Dolly Parton Fan. I have a huge DOLLY PARTON Collection. I would like other Dolly fans as friends. Here is a video of my Dolly collection.

Hi, my name is Melanie and I would love to be MAIL penpals with anyone! I am 47 and I live in southern CA. I prefer postal mail because I love to tuck little gifty fun Dolly related things in the mail, and maybe photos and copies of Dolly related things. I absolutely love Dolly and she really is one of my earthly role models. If you have any questions please email me at misce_mail[at] (there is an underscore between misce and email: misce_mail) or if you want to write please write to me at Melanie Stevens PO Box 6562 Irvine CA 92612. Please don't hesitate to write and tell me about you, your collections or what you love about Dolly! I promise to respond to all.

Hi my name is Alyson Liversidge, I'm 15 years old from Scotland and I absalutely adore Dolly Parton. I have everything to do with her and it drives my friends crazy lol. Anyway if anyone wants to contact me my address is ty xx

Hello my name is Todd. I live in Sevierville, TN, (Dolly's hometown). I have a huge "Dolly Parton" collection. I have everything from her first records up to about 116 albums and 90+ CDs to the "Dolly Parton" pinball machine, Highway billboards, tons of magazines, posters and memorabilia going back as far as Cas Walkers show to her appearance on Jay Leno on Friday 09/19/20008. See images from my collection here.

Hi every one. My name is Joseph Sabiiti.I come from Uganda. Am 48 yrs young and I love the lord. To be honest I know nothing about Dolly. Could any one out their do me a favour and tell me more about her. Can reach me by E;mail:

Country Marc
Hello. My name is 'Country" Marc Taylor and I am A 38 year old long time Dolly Parton fan and have been for 27 years. My personal favorite Dolly Parton song is "Here you come again". I would love to hear from all of you other die hard and dedicated Dolly fans. Please email me anytime and will reply to everybody. DOLLY RULES !!!

Heya. My name is Minnie and I live in the UK. I love dolly to bits and have been a big fan of hers all my life. I know a little bit about her so if you have any questions on Dolly then email me at

I come from Scotland and i am a big Dolly Fan and would like other Dolly fans to get in touch with me. Thank You. All the Best. Donald

Yea, I want to know everything I can about Dolly.

"Love Dolly"
Hi, Is there some Dolly fan's who would like a penpal? I'm 27 (from Denmark)but i would like to write with anyone (oder or younger). I recently (about 2 years ago) started to realy love the music Dolly makes, I have a lot of favorit numbers, and they constantly change. I hope to hear from you on

Hey Dolly fans!!!! My name is Stephanie and like all of you fans I want to meet Dolly! I'm 13 but act like a 20 year old and live in the U.S. The first time I ever heard about Dolly I was really young but never really got into her 2 years ago. I think she is the best role model EVER. So if you want to add me on MSN Messengerit's Can't wait to meet you!!!!!! Stephanie :-)

I am a huge Dolly fan,and I would like to connect with other like minded Dolly fans.
Hello, Im from the UK and am a massive Dolly fan. Im 22 and would like to chat. My email address is Talk soon! xxx

Hello, I would like to greet all German Dolly Fans. My name is Niko, 28 years old, I am a Dolly-Fanatic since 1996. I would like to get in touch with other Dolly-Fans from Germany. Just e-mail me to

Hello fellow Dolly fans! My name is Michelle, I'm 19 and live in the US. I love Dolly with all my heart, she is a great singer, a FANTASTIC songwriter, and I dont think you can get any better than DOLLY! I have several favorite songs, they are constantly changing. I think she has too many songs to have just one favorite. I'm also a fan of her little sister Stella, and will go on and on about the time I got to sing with her. I love to talk about that, its so much fun to get to remember that. You can add me on MSN at on AIM at Joanna Smith Fan or on Yahoo at or just email me!!! :)

Well, my name is Michelle and I'm 14 years old and I would like to posted on the pen pal page. About myself. Well, I love music and I have been listening to Dolly Parton for a real long time and I like acting and some day I hope to be a singer and actress. I love having pets around me. and my e-mail address is And I like all kinds of sports. Later!

Hi, my name is Cathy. I'm 55 years old but a kid at heart. I've been a Dolly fan for around ten years. Eight years ago I moved to Sevierville, TN, Dolly's home town. I saw Dolly at her benefit concert for the new hospital. I've seen her many times in parades and just running around town. Sometimes you don't know its her until she laughs and that is a dead giveaway. She one awesome woman. You can contact me at

I absolutely love Dolly and I have been a fan since I was 11 years old. I am now 16 and still a very big fan. Dolly's songs have really helped me through alot of stuff that has been going on personally in my life. She is like an Angel that was sent here to help us. Without her, I don't know what this world would do.

for the german DOLLY PARTON FANS: HELLO ich bin der eric- lebe in gelsenkirchen schalke -und bin schon seit anfang der 70er jahren dolly parton fan, habe sie im german tv gesehn ,dolly sang JOLENE und ich bekam eine gnsehaut; Habe seit der zeit einige LPS -CDS UND DVDS GEKAUFT und durfte dolly 2002 in london und 2007 in zwolle sehn- wrd mich ber kontakt zu deutschen dolly parton fans freuen gru eric

Hi all! My name is Charlene and I am 26yrs old from Northern Ireland, UK. I am a huge Dolly Fan have been listening to her music for as long as I can remember! Recently seen her on tour in Belfast (a dream come true) she was excellent I cried throughout the show with excitement!! Hopefully going to Dollywood next April (hoping I will see her there!!). Would love to speak with any other dolly fans out there! Take care x

Vickye, my name is Vickye, and I live in England. I'm 15 years old and first began listening to Dolly's music at the beginning of January 2007. By February-March she had become my idol. Since then I have been listening to her music, watching her interviews and music videos, reading things she's said, and it all only helps me love her more. I really want to be a country singer, and move to Nashville, and I'm insane like her. I feel like I can really connect to her as she is everything I am and aspire to be, and I really hope I can meet her one day. As for now, I just wanna meet more Dolly fans, as I don't know anyone else who loves her as much as me. Preferably in England, because then maybe we could meet up, but it really doesn't matter. I have loads of USA friends and it would be great to have more. Anyway, my address is, so feel free to add me on MSN too. I'm totally random and insane so be warned! Haha

Hi everyone. My name is Kolleen and have listened to Dolly since I was a kid. She is a great singer. I love all the old country singers. I have been to Nashville once and would love to go back. I live in Wisconsin. I love to penpal and am trying to find some penpals that love country music. Email me at

Hi, I've never belonged to a pen-pal group and didn't realize that I should introduce myself. I'm a very youthful 63, just a couple of years more than Dolly, I live in NH and am a gay woman. That's one of the other things that make the woman so endearing is that she's accepting of all people. She passes no judgments. Because I've met her in the surroundings of a rehearsal, where she didn't have to put on airs for anyone, I can attest to her genuineness. I met Dolly in 1988 when she was rehearsing for her last performance of her TV show at Storyville in New Orleans where I was visiting friends. The friends I was visiting once worked at Storyville so we were allowed in. All day long we watched as she sang live. She chose not to lip-sync. During the breaks she was so engaging talking and laughing with everyone, taking pictures with us. I have an entire album to prove it. I was more forward then my friends were and sat right in front of the stage knowing this was going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I called Dolly over and shook her hand and chatted with her. She was so sweet and didn't have to be because she wasn't in public. At the end of the day, after hours of rehearsal, it was time for filming. As Dolly leaned against a French door, dressed as a prostitute, singing the House of the Rising Sun, they used my friends and I as extras riding back and forth in period carriages outside. There's no phoniness about Dolly! What you see is what you get and that's why people love her. I wouldn't exchange that experience for anything in the world! Arlene.

Hey Im Amanda, im 20 and have been singing and tapping my feet to Dolly songs since I can remember. Im from Scotland, UK, I have just recently (23/3/07) seen Dollys new tour, she was amazing! Planning on going to Dollywood next year. Cant wait! Would love to swap photos or clips from the shows with people and get to know some other fans.

Hiya to all Dolly fans! Hi my name is Emma Doran. I live in the UK and have enjoyed listening to Dolly Parton for 16 years from the early age of 6. I am now 22 years old. and would just like to share my enjoyment with some one who enjoy listening to Dolly as much as I do and make some friends on the way.

I'm John Corley and have been a fan of Dollys since i was old enough to say her name. Dolly R. Parton has honestly been the one inspiration to keep going when all the cards were down. During the most low time of my life in 1997 i attempted suicide, It was her music and spirit that gave me the hope to turn things around. I can't begin to count the times that just listening to her music TRUELY gave me hope. Again, Dolly came to my rescue in 2006 when i buried my mother and best friend. I had Dolly and Brad Paisleys song "Don't Cry for Me Down Here" played at my mothers wake. Even then thru the tears I saw hope. I knew mother was home and i would be ok. If i could have an Angel on earth it would be Dolly Parton. My email address is for anyone who would like to share their stories of how Dolly has touched their life.

Hi, I wish to become a Dolly Parton fan. I was a Tammy Wynette fan until she died. God bless her. So Id love to receive fans from Dolly Parton. My is Robert Langlands. If anyone wants to get in touch with me, e-mail me at Ill look forward to receiving e-mail. Love, Robert.

Hi, Im Mark from England. Im a 36 year old gay man. Im so into Dolly it hurts -- Ive got the Dolly logo tattooed across my back. I really have all the Dolly CDs, LPs, DVDs and videos shes ever released. Im a total Dolly freak. Cant wait to see her in March this year. Wanting to get in contact with other Dolly fans from around the world. Feel free to contact me. Hope to hear from you all soon.

Hi there, my name is Bec Campbell and I was a member of the original Dollywood Ambassodors Fan Club. The one that was disbanded by Dolly in 1997 :0( I need your help. I had a wonderful friend that I used to correspond with during the Ambassador time and somewhere between then and now we lost contact. I haven't heard from her in years, have no idea where she lives. The only details I have are these Her name was Rachelle (Shellie) Dickenson and her address was in Lakeside, CA. If anyone knows her or has any ideas on how I may be able to find her I'd be very much appreciative. Dolly was very instrumental in bringing many fans alike together... It would be so nice after all these years to get back in touch. Likewise if any of you out there were members of the original club I'd love to hear from you all too. My email address is

Hello, my name is MacKenzie. I'm 15 years old and I have been a Dolly Parton fan forever it seems like. I am from Muleshoe, Texas, and I love listening to Dollys sweet voice. She has pulled me out of hard times numerous times and I love her for that! When I had a bad day I will get up between 3 and 5 o'clock in the and I will listen to her beautiful voice and what she has to say about the good times and the bad. Anyone who wants to talk you can e-mail me at or add me to Myspace. I also have a yahoo Dolly fan group. If anybody wants to join it is the Devoted Dolly Fan Group. Thanks for your time and God bless! : )

My name is Serena. I'm 19 and from Pikeville, Ky. I've been a Dolly fan ever since I can remember. She is a very remarkable woman. I'll be going in April to see her and hopefully get to meet her. Any Dolly fans are more than welcome to email me or add me on myspace SerenaLynn19.

My name is Ellen and I'm 19 years old. I have been a Dolly Parton fan for as long as I can remember. I, as well as everyone who visits this page, would give anything to meet Dolly. I've come so close! I have been to the last 3 parades in April for the opening and my most recent visit in September for the Bluegrass and Bar-B-Q. I only live 3 hours away so my best friend and I road trip! Can't wait til April! Also in May when she does the concert...if Dolly's there it's worth the drive. Anyway - I don't check my e-mail everyday but I do check my myspace which is lnm_rock if anyone has one of those. I talk about Dolly all the time so it would be nice to talk to someone who can talk about her as much as I can!

Hi, my name is Emilee. I am 14 years old and I live in the South. I love to talk about Dolly. She is my favorite, so if anybody would like to email me my email is Thanks!

Hi I am 46 yr old female that has been a fan of Dolly's for as long as I can remember. I got my first cassette when I was 10 yrs old. I have almost everyone of her albums. Have her music on album cassette and cd. I saw her in concert in Kansas City last fall. I have been to Dollywood and Dixie Stampede in Branson. If anyone would like to write to me about Dolly I would be interested in writing back DeAnn

I live in UK and have been a fan of Dolly for forty years i would like to hear from her US fans. I am always waiting. Don.

Hi, my name's Chantau. I'm from Australia. I'm 22 years of age & am a really huge fan of Dolly Parton.I have four of her cds & also four of her dvds. I have loved her ever since I first heard her sing. One day I would really love to go to one of her concerts & possibly meet her backstage. I reckon she's a terrific singer. If anyone would like to chat, I'm always free. Well, hope to hear from someone soon, cya's.

Hi, my name is Mike and I am a 34 year old fan of Ms. Dolly and country music in general. I was born in Germany but have lived in London, U.K., for 15 years now. I have been to Dollywood, TN. Have seen most of her movies and own most of her CDs. I would love to write to other fans of TN, country music and Dolly Parton. Age is not important. Later...Mike

Hey yall! I'm 15 And I've been in love with DOLLY PARTON all my life. I think she is the most awesome person in the whole wide world and Ive always wanted to meet her for as long as I can remember. I've been to the Dixie Stampede and it was the best vacation I ever had. It was awesome. I was hoping DOLLY PARTON was there. It would have been really great. I would probably faint if I saw her. Well I hope I hear from other DOLLY PARTON fans. My greatest wish is to meet DOLLY PARTON in person and my B-day is coming up on Tuesday June 13, 2006. And My b-day wish is that DOLLY PARTON will come to my B-day. I would die. Well TTYL. BYE FOR now!!!!!!!!!

I am a huge Dolly fan and looking for a penpal of any age. My favourite Dolly film is Rhinestone cause I find it so funny and my favourite song is Joshua. I am 14 years old and love to talk to Dolly fans.

I am a huge Dolly fan since 1967. I have met her many times since 1972. I have many stories about these meetings. My very fave song by Dolly is "Down from Dover", fave album is Fairest of Them All and fave movie is Unlikely Angel. A little about me, I live in Texas am 49 years old and disabled. Whenevere Im in the hospital I take Dollys music with me. Dollys music has pulled me through some really major and painful operations. My biggest dream is to go to Dollywood again on opening weekend. I really want to hear from Dolly fans any age and from all over the world.

Hello. Is any one going to Dollwood the first weekend in April? Hope to see some of you there.

GREETINGS... I am Jim, 39 years old, and truly love Dolly! Her humility, artistry and personality are something from which I can truly learn. I had the great opportunity in meeting her several months ago, and was truly in "awe" by her calm and gentle spirit. Always open in hearing from others.

Hey y'all my name's Sylvia and I'm probably one of the only Italian (I'm American also but unfortunately live in Italy) Dolly Parton Fan. I totally love her and her music and her whole attitude. Id love to get in touch with Dolly's fans from all over the world since I kind of feel lonely being the only chick here who even knows what country music sounds like. Take care everybody, Syl.

Hi, I'm 18 and have loved Dolly since i was a little guy. I remember listening to and watching her video for Romeo on TV with my mom. I think she (Dolly) is a fantastic singer, performer, and actress.

Hi. I'm Jerry,, a fan of Dolly's. Been a fan for almost 50 years. And there are a lot of other folks just like me, who lived in and around Knoxville, Tennessee back in the mid fifties, and watched the Cas Walker Farm and Home Hour music show, and enjoyed Dolly Parton's songs there. I think we are all very proud of Dolly, the hometown girl who became a star. And I think we are all doubly proud of the positive impact Dolly has on everyone she meets and with whom she associates. There must be thousands of letters like this from the Knoxville area, but there are tens of thousands who don't say a word, but in their hearts also love Dolly.

Hi. Im Lauren from Leeds in England and Im 15 (I'll be 16 this August). I've only recently become a Dolly fan and this is only because one of my friends lent me one of her CDs. I would love to hear from other Dolly fans. Thanks.

Hello. My name is Sandra Duck and I live in Bristol, England, which is in the southwest approximately 120 west of London. It is a large city near Wales. I have been a Dolly fan since the 70s and have been coming over to see this wonderful lady every year in Dollywood since 1991. I even came over for the December concerts after September 11th, and we traveled Delta. No terrorists were going to scare me. I brought one of my daughters and her little one Jessica who was only 4yrs 6 months and is a very keen Dolly fan. She has been twice since, one of those times was this year September. I have all of Dolly's albums, CD, videos and DVDs and my dining room is adorned with her pictures and standup. Dolly has really made me the happiest person in the world, and I work on an IT Service Desk and work a 24-7day rota and am always happy looking forward to the next time. I have a wonderful husband 2 daughters and 1 son, and two beautiful granddaughters, Jessica who is 8 yrs and Eleanor who has just turned 2 in December. So like of wonderful. Dolly brights sunshine and happiness to my heart and I thank God every day for her. I met in 1992 Norah and Doug Edwards from Gadsden Alabama, and both them their two daughters Theresa and Sheila and their respective families are like my second family, and I come to see them also every year. So I look forward to joining the Pen pal site. My Email address is Look forward to hearing from fans. Love, Sandra Duck. Dolly's biggest Bristol English Fan (they call be Dolly Duck at work).

Hi. My name is Alexandra (Alex for short). I have been a huge fan of Dolly's since I was 12. I am now 25 years old. I have been lucky enough to have met Dolly when she was in London signing her CD Little Sparrow and last year I got to see her live in concert at Dollywood on the day of my birthday. I think she is the greatest person of all time. I would love to hear from other die hard fans from all over the world who share an interest in her.

Hi. My name is Penny. I'm from NY. I would love to talk and learn more about Dolly Parton. I think she's beautiful and a inspiration to women all around the world. Thank you.

Hi I'm 13 almost 14 yrs old and Ive love Dolly since i was born basically. My mom loves Dolly and she got me addicted to her. I love that duet she sang with Kenny Rogers, Islands in the Stream. That is a great song . Well I found out that my best friend (that loves Dolly also) has cancer about a week ago. I want to do something for him. I want him to meet Dolly. If any of you have a way to meet her please help me fulfill his dream and mine. The doctors say he doesn't have that much time left here on earth. Please pray for him his name is Jack. Please contact me at THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!

Hi, my name is Chrissie Dalton, but you can call me Chris. I live in Virginia about 3 hours from Dollywood. I am a big fan of Dollys. About a year or so ago I received information that I was sick and it was a possibility that I might not live past 35. I went to counseling and one of the questions asked was what would you like to do before you die. I sat listening to people say, go to California or do this and do that. My answer was to shake Dollys hand or at least see her one time. I just wanna spend my last few years talking about Dolly and dreaming of meeting her. Thanks for your time.

Hello, my name is Charlene I am a huge Dolly fan. I would love to see her in concert in our beautiful country New Zealand. I have grown up listening to Dolly and I think she a wonderful performer, and I hope she has many years left in her to sing for her public. Dolly thanks for so many years of enjoyment and I look forward to many more. Your biggest fan, Charlene.

Hi, my name is John Bethell and I have loved Dolly since she first recorded Coat of Many Colours and I still love her and that song very, very much.

Hello, My name is Tisha and I am a huge fan of Dolly. I was raised on country music and whenever I was in a great mood I would listen to Dolly, whenever I was in a sad mood I would listen to Dolly. I have never loved any artists music as much as I have loved hers and I really wish that I could talk to somebody that shares my interests.

Hi! I'm a 23 year old gay white male from Columbus, OH. I fell in love with Dolly when I was about 10 years old, and have been a huge fan ever since. I finally got to see her in concert last October. Would love to meet her someday so I'm still crossing my fingers for that! Would love to chat with other dolly fans, so send me an email! Lets talk!

Sad Eyes
Hi, I'm just an old country girl (54) that things Dolly is the greatest icon of all times for women and country music entertainment. Even though I've stayed many times in Pigeon Forge, TN since 1978 at least twice a year for 7-10 days a visit; I've yet to meet her. She was just 2 miles from my front door for a groundbreaking for her brother Randy Parton and I had VIP passes which put me within speaking distance of her and she is an awesome entertainer and so talented and down home genuine. As a fun thing, I submitted my photo to funantics section and was proud that the webmaster saw fit to put me just a few pictures down (fourth down now I think). That might be the most honor next to actually meeting her that I'll ever see; but thankful for that. If ya'll know how my husband and I could meet her without a lot of hoop la and crowd pushing; this old country gal would sure appreciate it.

Debbie Maver, 24, from Edinburgh, Scotland, wants to talk with other Dolly fans (and hopes Dolly returns to Europe on tour soon).

Dolly fan Trudy Haynes lives in England and would like to talk with other fans.

Howdy! I am 23 years old from Pennsylvania, I have been a huge Dolly Parton fan since I was 4. (How can you not love Dolly Parton??) She is an extraordinary person, nothing less then a real life angel! Sweet, kind very caring, got a heart of gold, could never be or would never be judgmental. She is truly amazing! I got to meet her when I was 6 years old at Dollywood. I have a lot of her stuff, but I am still in need of a few things that I cannot seem to find, so maybe someone here could help me? If you would like to talk to me please e-mail me.

My name is Robbie Irby from Gladys, Va. (near Lynchburg). I am a 27-year-old male who has been a HUGE fan of Dolly Parton ever since I can remember. I have an entire room in my house devoted to Dolly. I enjoy talking to fans from all over the world. I have not had the opportunity of meeting her in person, but hopefully that day will come.

Hey! My name is Ronald. I am 28 years old and have been a Dolly Parton fan since I was probably 2. I have collected many items through the years of hers. I have every CD she has put out and many, many framed records. I have the original 9 to 5 theatrical poster and the original Rhinestone theatrical poster. I also have the original Playboy magazine from the 70s where she graces the cover. I got to see her for the first time last year (2004) in Biloxi, Miss. She has always been an idol to me, she is a beautiful woman with a heart of gold. She does not discriminate against race, sex or religion. She proves that she is talented by her music. My favorite song is "Light of a Clear Blue Morning," and the reason is because I am gay and when I heard this song it made me realize that it was time to tell my family. I told my family I was gay when I was 27, which was just last year. Dolly's song "Light of a Clear Blue Morning" helped me come out and be stronger!! She is a woman of many talents and her music will be played for years and years to come.

Hello my name is Vikki. I am 23 years old and live in the UK. I have been a Dolly fan since I was a child. I have seen her live in concert which was great. I would love to meet her in person one day. I would love to chat with other Dolly fans.

Hello. My name is Bobbi. I'm 37 years old. I've been a Dolly Parton fan since I was around 11. I used to listen to the Dolly Parton show every chance I got. My favorite song is Love Is Like A Butterfly. I also like her sad songs. I'd love to chat with others who enjoy her as much as I do. You can email me at:

Hello. I'm a very devoted Dolly fan and love country music.

Hello, pal! I am a guy of 38, West African, Nigerian, married and have a baby girl. I have been a Dolly Parton fan for so long a year, but for the wide gap has not made keeping in touch with other fans easy. I's love to be pen pals with an interested Dolly fan (M/F) who has no prejudiced against race or gender. Maybe one day I'll get to meet with DP One on One, whoa! A dream fulfilled. Dolly Parton remains my Icon of Nobility. LONG LIVE!

Hi, I'm Tracey and have been a HUGE fan of Dolly's all my life. I'm 21 and have been brought up with Kenny and Dolly. I love her songs, movies and her great outlook on life. She is a remarkable lady and I would love one day to see her at Dollywood. My other half thinks I'm mad for liking her but I don't care! I live in the UK so it's hard to catch her in concert and I missed her last time as she sold out so fast. I'm looking to chat with anyone who loves her as much as I do. Drop me a line if you wanna chat, See ya!

Hey everyone. My name is Louise. Im from the UK, and Im 16. Ive been a fan of Dolly for a long time now. My friends laugh at me for listening to her music but they clearly dont know music when they hear it. I love all of her songs, but my favourite is I Will Always Love You. I also love the film Steel Magnolias and I find myself crying at it every time I watch it. I would love to chat with anyone, and you can contact me on my address Please feel free to contact me -x- Louise

Hi everyone!!! My name is Barbara and I'm a teenager. I am interested in a pen pal. A female pen pal in her teens, too. If you are interested contact me at We can e-mail each other as often as possible.

I am 40 years old and still enjoy the music of Dolly Parton. The first Dolly Parton album I bought was the soundtrack to "9 to 5." Have also enjoyed the movies she has been in. Oh no, just listened to two CDs by Ronnie Milsap, does that mean I am excluded from the penpal list ?? Please write soon. Sincerely, Brian. My name and address: Brian J. Bernier; 617 Queen Anne Ave N Apt 210; Seattle, WA 98109; e-mail:

Hi! Im one of Dollys biggest fans. I love her! Shes great! Her songs are great! Im a gay, male 21-year-old from Ireland.

Hey everyone! I've loved Dolly ever since I was little. I met her on Oprah and it was amazing. It was not very formal though because Oprah doesn't allow anyone to take pictures. I hope to meet Dolly again someday. I'm going to see her this June at Fan Fair. Anyone else out there got any advice on how to meet her? I've seen all your pictures with her at Dollywood and backstage at shows. Christian, 21, male, Chicago,

Hi! My name Is Joyce. I'm 35 years old and from Knoxville, Tenn. Dolly is my favorite singer. I hope someday that I get to meet her. I love her songs and I love her movies. I've been a Dolly fan all my life. I love going to Dollywood & Dollywood Splash Country. It's awesome lots of fun. If any of you want to chat, e-mail me at My MSN Messenger screen name is Hope to hear from you fans soon.

My name is Tammie. I'm 40 years of age and enjoy some of Dolly's music and songs. Plus I have my own fan club, This is my penpals fan club. Wanna join too??? Bye til we can chat again.

Hi, my name is Jennifer. I'm 33 years old. I've been a fan of Dolly Parton since I was 10 years old. That was when the classic movie 9 to 5 came out, and since then I've been hooked on her music! I've seen her a couple of times in concert, and have mostly all her cassettes and CDs! Looking to meet other Dolly fans who want to talk Please email me at

Hi! My name is Brandon, I am a personal fitness trainer in Los Angeles and I met Dolly backstage at her show in December. I even gave her one of my cards and she said she'd be sure to look me up. She was so great and personal with everyone and took time to talk and joke a little. I also saw her at a taping of the "Reba" show so make sure you see it when it airs. She did a wonderful job. There is a picture of her and I in the fans picture area, She is so beautiful. If you ever get a chance to see her in person you will be amazed. I hope she does more stuff out here so I can see more of her.

Hi everyone. I have been a Dolly fan since 1977 that is a long time. I just want to know how many of you are going to Dollywood this weekend the first week in April, To see Dolly Parton open the park. I'm going and I would like to meet some of you. Also does any one know, if they are going to have the Dolly Parton memorabilia this year and where is going to be. Thanks!

Hey! I have been a Dolly fan since I was five years old. I can remember sitting in front of the TV watching Dollywood. I am now 29 and still get teary eyed every time I hear a Dolly song. I have always wanted to meet her but have never had the chance. I did attend her concert in December and I loved it. I was hoping to get an autograph but she left. Anyway, I am still waiting to meet her in person if that is possible. Long live Miss Parton! Oh, I almost forgot. My friends and I are going as divas for Halloween and I am gonna be Dolly.

Ms. Mary
Well how are yawl out there, my name is Ms. Mary and I am an old fan of Dolly's from way back when, she is the sweetest pickle and I hope to meet her one day. My friends that have (thank you for the fridge magnet) say she is even better in person. I have three boys in the military and her song Welcome Home puts me to tears, but God help us, all this too will pass and it will be a great day when our boys come home. I would love to talk to anyone about Dolly and just how much she means to me and you. Pull up a chair, and bring a glass of sweet tea with you. My hobbies are woodcrafts, guitar, writing (stories and songs), and arts and crafts. I love God, my husband, and my family and friends. (I'm still working on my boss lady)LOL Hope to hear from you real soon.

Hi. My name is James. I live in Canada and I've been a Dolly fan since I was 4 (which is about 31 years). I think this woman is absolutely amazing in SO many ways. My ultimate dream would be to meet her someday. I would love to chat with anyone about Dolly so drop me a line.

Hi there. My names Jeff and I've been a fan of Dolly for as long as I care to remember. She must be the most beautiful lady on the planet and got brains too. Phew, what a lass. I've been trying to get hold of a copy of Rhinestone on DVD for ages but have not been able to find one anywhere. Does anyone know where I could get hold of one in the UK please? Nice to meet y'all. Please feel free to email me at Byeee!

Hi Dolly !! you are my favorite country singer. I wish that I can meet you. Dolly, I have M.S. and one of my wishes is to go to Dollywood. I love all your songs. You are the best and my inspiration.

My names Gary. Im 24 from Melbourne, Australia. I have been a big fan of Dolly since I was six years old when I saw the Real Love concert on TV. She has been my idol for years now and her open mindedness and kind heart has made the world a better place. I was excited to see Shania Twain is also a fan and that she got the opportunity to sing with Dolly on Oprah. That was awesome. I love all her songs and my favourite Dolly movies are Straight Talk, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Unlikely Angel, Blue Valley Songbird. If theres a part of Dolly I like its her dedication to her fans and her influence on me. She taught me how to respect and appreciate people. She's a true role model. My e-mail is Im also on MSN Messenger at the same name.

Hi everyone! My name is Melanie. I live in New Jersey. I am a teenager. I would like to had a pen pal because people here don't know Dolly like I do. I have learned to love Dolly by myself so my mom isn't into her like I am; and my dad passed away when I was 11 but he didn't like country music anyway. My biggest dream is to meet Dolly. People think its silly because I am so young and that is my dream. But I feel really special because there are so many things I want to tell her but IM afraid that will never happen. I went to her concert November 11 here in jersey. I loved it. It was for my birthday. Please write someone..thank you! Melanie

My name is Tammie Cook and I had a personal meeting with Dolly at her offices in Pigeon Forge on October 27 2002. She will remember because it was my uncle Raymond Anderson who she was actually there to see because he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and his last wish was to meet Dolly. I guess we have our friend Gail Martin to thank and who ever she called to get this done because the next thing I knew Dolly's secretary Mary Lyda called my home one day to confirm the meeting at the offices. I have to say to anyone who ever says Dolly doesn't care you don"t know her. We only got to spenr about 45 minutes with her but it seemed like a lifetime. She is just an angel. I want to say thank you Dolly for making my uncles wish come true. You remember the hand made quilt he made for you and signed it I will always love you Dolly Raymond Anderson and Tammie Cook he truly did love you in a way you were his angel . Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My email address is

Hey! My name is Dolly Jo but everyone calls me Frankie. I am a huge Dolly fan. If there is anyone out there who wants to chat just e-mail me. My e-mail address is, AIM screen name is WitGurl2, Yahoo screen name is dollyjo119. Hope to hear from ya'll soon.

Hi my name is Wendi. I'm 19 and live in Michigan. I am a very big Dolly fan. I have been a fan since I was little. I'm looking for other Dolly fans to talk to, especially ones from Michigan. I hope to hear from other fans soon. My e-mail is

Hi, my name is Jerail, I live in a VERY smalltown in Alabama, named Sylacauga. I am 23 years old, and a gay male. I can say that I am the biggest Dolly fan, but it seems alot of you I really never imagined that there were so many Dolly fans out there. I have loved her since I was very small, actually I remember the first album of hers of I got (The Great Pretender), I was only about 3 or so, and I remember begging my mother for the album, and she finally broke down and got it for me. I now have well over 100 albums, between vinyl, cd's, cassettes, even 8 tracks!! I have never had the pleasure, and great honor of meeting Dolly, but it is my goal, and God willing it will happen one day. Anyway, if anyone would like to chat, about Dolly, or anything else, just drop me an e-mail. DOLLY I LOVE YOU!!!

Hi everyone! My name is Tina. I'm 23 years old and I come from Germany. I'm a Dolly fan for 2 month now... Well, I know it's not that long... But I already have about 10 albums and I love her music!!! A friend told me about her and gave me an album to listen to. Took one song and I was fascinated! I also love America. Haven't been there though. But I plan to go to America in the next years. And then I'll definitely visit Dollywood!!! Hope I find a Dolly fan who would like to write me. Maybe even someone who's been to Dollywood already and can tell me all about it! My e-mail is: I'm looking forward to hear from you!!! Tina

Hi, I am a song writer and singer. I always like to listen to dolly when younger. But much to my surprise.. as I got older I decided to take my guitar out to local nursing homes and sing. I have recently been put in the local paper, and they say that my vocals sound a lot like Lorretta Lyn and June Carter and most often Dolly. I had a lady come up to me and say, I must say if I had my eyes close you would swear I was listening to dolly. I really don t look like her or even try to sound like her. But I have a southern gospel ministry in singing in my local area. I make cds on my computer and sell them for love offering, so I can affortd to continue making more cds for others. I hope to be Gods blessing to others. But once I learn her to put my music on the web, would like to place my songs on the web. But for songs I did not write I need to learn where you write to get permission on particular songs..If any one knows this please let me know. Or information about easy web sight for placing songs for download..for others to hear..Still learning. I am blessed to have been recognized in vocal as someone I love to listen to. No one will take Dollys place, so I always say, Its nice to be compared to someone who sings so well, but I think I just sound like me (smile) Southern Gospel Mountain Music.

My name is James and I'm a Dolly fan for the past 25 years.

hello my name is charlotte....i believe i am the BIGGEST dolly fan....i have been that way since my father was in his band....i have country in my blood so to speak.. i have every record tape and disc of dolly her etc...i seen her concert when dolly and kenny rogers came to toronto at maple leaf gardens....i always wanted to sing with her that is my dying wish...i have loved her since i was about five years old when my father introduced me to country and western...i loved her with kenny porter and even her trio....i have all her movies including her made for television movies...even when she had her own television show...i was there taping and watching...i am more then just a fan...i would love to sing with her now that would be a great fantasy for any dolly fan if anyone is interesting in talking about dolly my e mail address is well anytime anyone wants to chat i am here... DOLLY I LOVE U.....

My name is Pam and I'm the biggest Dolly fan ever. My Mom took me to see her when I was very little. Of course I don't remember the concert but all my love it was my dream to see her in concert. Well, I'm going to get to live that dream. Yesterday my local radio station had gave 2 tickets away and I just happened to be the right number caller. I never win anything that matters so I was so excited to win this. I'm 34 year old mother of an 8 year old and would love to chat with other diehard Dolly fans.

Hi my name is Darrick Beekman. I am a 38 yr. old Male and I have been a true dedicated fan of Dollys since 1980. I had the honor of having my picture made with her Sept. 2004. I live in Southern Ohio and have a Season Pass to Dollywood. I go there 4-6 times a year. She is truly a blessing to my life and her songs have touched me in many ways. There is no other Entertainer on this Earth that has touched me like she has! Email if you are interested in talking Dolly! Hope to hear from you!

Hi my name's Reem and I am Dolly's biggest fan. I have all her albums and every poster and magazine she has ever been on. If you love Dolly as much as me please e-mail me at

I'm a huge Dolly fan! Looking to chat with other fans, especially if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm 30 years old.

My name is Erica and I am a huge Dolly fan.

My name is Rusty and I am a 25 year old male in WI. I first visited Dollywood while in elementary school. I fell in love with her music. I also had a very close relative who enjoyed Dolly's music. Her inspirational music helps me keep that memory alive. I am a HUGE Dolly fan! I collect everything....cds, records, posters, magazines, you name it! I am very much interested in meeting fellow Dolly fans to share my passion for Dolly. Also love to share and expand my collection! Hope to hear from you soon!

I am 42, married to the world's greatest BBQ chef, whom I met 22 years ago when we were in the Navy together. We have a 20 year old daughter and a 19 year old son and live in Oregon. I have adored Dolly since I was about 11 and know that she is an angel sent to make this world a better place for us all. Her book said she had friends in Oregon so I hoped she would come here on her tour last year but I've settled for her new CD (which is just awesome for those of you who may not have got one yet!). I watched the video song on of "Welcome Home" and couldn't help but think that when she sang about the angels singing that maybe she doesn't even know she is an angel herself. She is so humble at heart and has taught so many people so much, even long before she became "Dr. Dolly" that maybe she will go home more like Enoch and we will all get to sing ~ for her.

HI, I am a long time fan of Ms. Parton and a good friend of the Larkin family in which a video was performed with the Larkin girls (Tina and Shaunna) and Dolly. I would love to meet Ms. Parton one day, I think she is just a great and a good person. I love her quick wit and funny sense of humor. I have lots of her songs and I am often asked to sing her famous "Coat of Many Colors" at all of our family get togethers.

Hello everyone at Dollymania, My name is Penny Michele and I live in Henderson,Ky I am 37 years old and have grew up on ALL of Dolly's music. I absolutely love her!! Just watched her sing the #1 song for CMT's show "#1 Greatest Love Songs" She is absolutely awesome and a beautiful woman! I have three daughters age's 17,15 and 14, I have always shared my love of Dolly with them. I look forward to reading and interacting with this site and will mark it within my favorites. Always a Fan, Michele

Hello! My name is Brian, and I too would like to be able to communicate with other Dolly fans! I'm 19 years old, and I have loved dolly every since I was 3! She is my hero! I live in the US right on the Tennessee border! I frequently visit Pigeon Forge (about every two weeks or so). And my friends from church always stop at a jewelry store down there. Bob (who owns the store) is also a big dolly fan. He gets to meet her every year before the parade, and this year, I WILL be with him! Our friend Jack (I won't mention who he is or his position for privacy reasons) is in charge of staying with Dolly and being her security when she is in town! What a treat it was to meet him a for the first time a while back. He and Dolly are old friends, and he talks about her like he's known her for years! On my last visit, he and his wife came into Bob's store as we were leaving, and I told him "just so I can tell the folks back home, Jack...Tell Dolly I said Hi!" He said he would, and told me when she would be in....I am bound and determined to meet my hero, and tell her just what a blessing she has been in my life!

Hi! My name is Justin. I have met Dolly at her Press Conference in Sydney!!! What a treat that was!!

My name is Alex and I am a student at the University of Northern Colorado, I have loved Dolly ever since I was 4 years old today I am 24. As a child I spent a lot of time in and out of the hospital my Mom bought Dolly Parton's album The Great Pretender one day on her way to visit me and while I was having to go through treatment she put it in a cassette and let me listen to it. While I listened and looked at the picture of this beautiful woman, I was over whelmed. I too one day wanted to be a success and have that much passion for life. Ever since Dolly has become my hero, showing me that I can beat anything that stand in my way. One of my dreams to one day meet Dolly and be able to tell her just how much hope she gave me as a child and that she is one of many reasons of why I am in college now and working towards my goals. Thank you, Dolly, and anyone who would like to contact me to talk about Dolly and my collection of Dolly items that I hold dear please do. Dolly fans I'd love to visit and correspond with any of you. Thank you and remember we are all friends through Dolly. Warmly, Alex.

Hi - I'm a 33 year old gay man outside Philadelphia. I've loved Dolly since i was 10 years old and first heard "9 to 5" on the radio. My home is a bit of a Dolly shrine that I've had to calm down for my fianc. We're getting married in September - though not yet legally - and our song will be Dolly's "You Are." My favorite Dolly song is "Act Like A Fool" - but that just wouldn't be appropriate for our wedding. Ha! Would love to talk with other Dolly fans! I'm a travel agent so my quest is to find a Dolly CD manufactured in every country and actually bring it home from that country instead of! Ha! But love to travel - love Dolly - life is good! Don't forget to honk your own horn "cause if you don't-no ones gonna know that your comin!"

Hi, my name is Kathy and I am 34 yrs. old and I am a big Dolly FAN and I have been ever since I was 7 yrs old... Thanks to my stepmother Pat, I would have never have been a big Dolly FAN.... I am a Lesbian and I still love Dolly and will for the rest of my life... She has a voice of an Angel.... I live in Wayne, MI.. I would love to hear from other Dolly fans... Please email me at I had no idea that her Mother passes away, my heart goes out to her and her family..... Hope to hear from all of you.... Kathy.

Hello all Dolly fans. My name is Debbie. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland and would love to hear from other fans. I'm going to Dollywood in August and would love to speak to other people who have been. Dolly is simply the greatest!!! I'm 21 years old.

Hi, my name is Leesa. I am from Ontario, Canada. I am a definate "Die Hard, Huge" fan of Dolly Parton, for 32 years now, and my love for her is still strong, and my love for her will NEVER die, my heart goes out to her, with her mother's passing. I would love to be a penpal with other Dolly fans, because I don't know of anyone, personally who is a big of a fan as I am, being from a small city, in Ontario, Canada.

Hi! My name is Beth and I'm 15 years old. I think Dolly is a great actress and an even more talented singer. My friends think I'm a little crazy cuz I like Dolly Parton, lol.

Dear Dolly fans, My name is Lorne, and I am a huge Dolly fan. My e-mail address is I am very interested in becoming a pen pal. I have been in love with Dolly and her music since I was 10 years old, and am now thirty.

Greetings Dolly lovers everywhere! My name is Carol - 36 &live in the uk. Happy new year to u all. I saw Dolly at Dollywood benefit as I do every year-my heart is with her at this difficult time. I'm crazy about Dolly & would love to chat to other folks that are just nuts about Dolly too! I am gay & have been with my partner 4 8 years-so please no homophobics. I am interested in buying Dolly memorabilia & have lots of Dolly snaps if you r interested. Take care yall & remember its good to talk....

I wanna be your fan from today going, and I'd like pals from everywhere in the world. I'm 18 and from Ghana. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hey everyone. my name is Andy. I am 25 and I live in meridian mississippi. I am such a huge fan of Dolly Parton. To me she is the best thing in music. I was able to see her in concert this past December and let me teel you she puts on a great show. My partner who really didn't like her now loves here after seeing her perfom in concer, I am planning on going to see her in concert again and this time I hope my dream of meeting her comes true. I hope to chat with other die hard fans as my self soon. .

My name is Becca and i live in New Jersey. I am fourteen years old and a huge Dolly fan, i collect everything Dolly. This summer I am actually going to Dollywood. I want to chat with anybody around my age about the greatest country singer ever.

My name is Justin Davis, and I live in Paducah, KY. Dolly, is really a wonderful songwriter, singer, and actress. I am 14 years old, and I am more than a longtime fan, but a great friend. Dolly is really a WONDERFUL lady, she is so country, and she has a very intriguing life, and she deserves every little thing she has now. My grandmother, and her mother were great friends when Dolly was first born, and I still hear stories. But PLEASE, if anyone wants to talk about Dolly, or share information, then PLEASE e-mail me!!!

My name is Julie I live in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia. I have been a Dolly fan for over 15 years. I am 31 and my 3 children have grown up listen to Dolly. My youngest daughter loves "Jolene." She goes around the house singing it makes my husband furious. He is not a Dolly fan. My biggest wish is to see her live. If she ever comes to Australia I will be there front row. I am always looking for new info if you have any please reply. Thank you, Julie, No 1 Aussie fan.

Dolly fans.....I'm a 40 year old gay male that absolutely adores Dolly. I think she's the most important figure in country music ever. She's never been afraid to "cross that line". She's real...a little bit of fake but a whole lot of real! Would love to talk Dolly with anyone.

Howdy yall! My name is Cowboy Larry, well actually that's my stage name but you can call me Cowboy or Larry, doesn't really matter. I'm a 17/m/AL that would love to talk to other Dolly Parton fans out there! I love Dolly, her music, and everything associated! lol I've never met Mrs. Dolly nor have i been to her concerts or Dollywood, BUT am I dying to go to all of them!!! If you'd like to talk email or IM me! Thanks!!!

Hi my name is Debbie, I am 32 and I live in the UK. I have been a fan of Dolly Parton for years. I particularly like her older material the best, my favourites being "Light of a Clear Blue Morning," "Think About Love," and "Single Women," to name but a few from her vast collection. Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to see her live in concert YET! I am hoping to get in contact with other Dolly Parton fans and talk Dolly!

Hi! My name is Nara and I've been a Dolly fan since 1993. I was 12 years old at that time. Now I'm 22 years old and I still a big fan of hers. I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. One of my biggest dreams is to meet Dolly at Dollywood. I have never had the opportunity, but I hope one day to do it. Unfortunately, in my country she's not so famous and my friends have never heard about her. So, I don't have anyone to talk to me about her songs, films, etc. That's why I'm writing to you all. I'd be very happy if you, fans of Dolly like me, write to me. I'll be waiting your reply. My e-mail is

Hi, my name is Woody and I have been a Dolly fan since the late 60's. I'm 49 years old, married with 6 children. I go to Dollywood several times a year and have never missed a benefit concert since she started doing them in the late 80's, I've traveled several times over the years to see her the latest being in Washington, DC, and next will be the Christmas concert in Dec. I live in Ohio and would like to hear from others. I've met her twice now over the years and have my picture with her as well, she's a great lady and its a shame that she's ignored on country radio today.

well I am the biggest dolly fan ever,When she going on tour in LOUISIANA! Larry Simmons, 3816 David Drive, Metairie La. 70003, 504-780-1753.

Hi, I'm a huge Dolly fan. My name is Robert. I'm 27, gay white male. One of the reasons I love Dolly is I can relate to her songs. I feel like some of them she wrote about my life. I have over 60 dolly CDs! Anyway you can contact me at Robert Emery, 5720 Rossman Road, P.O. Box 35, Onondaga, MI 49264 or e-mail Let's be Dolly buddys!!!!!!!

I am a long time fan of Dolly and I live in the UK.

Hello, my name is Vikki. I am 21 yrs and live in West Sussex, England. I have been a Dolly Parton fan for years. I have seen her live in concert and she was great. I would love to talk to other Dolly fans.

Isaac or
I am a Ghanaian and love Dolly's music very much, especially when going to bed. She is really talented. I can't wait to make friends with all her fans, so anyone out there who is Dolly's fan, don't skip this advert. Write to me and let's be friends forever. All you have to do is to tell me you are Dolly's fan and you'll never regret being my friend. I am 19 years of age and I am waiting for your letter. We will talk about our countries, families, everything. I also enjoy writing thru the post. Hope to hear from you fans of Dolly.

Hello Dolly and All Dolly Parton Fans. My Name is Taylor. I am 41 Years Old, and I have Been Impersonating Dolly Parton( Yes, Im One Of Guys That Dolly Boasted for On Her Larry King Interview), since 1982. From San Francisco, to Minneapolis, to Texas, and Now Florida.( St Pete Area) Dollys Music has made a Dramatic( no Pun intended) impression on My Life. I'm am available to Perform for Events all over the USA. I am a True Illusionist/Impersonator as Dolly Parton. Want Information on a Booking? Email me. Thanks Dolly for Everything, and Things to come. PS- I cant wait for the Mae West Movie... Anyone Know anything about it??? Contact me...

Hi I am a really big fan of Dolly growing up. When I got in high school I was called her name in school because of big ones. I said I was glad to be liked like someone. When I was in school I started to collect her tapes and records and now I have every one she has made. I would like to have a penpal of Dolly's for the rest of my life. I just lost my little brother to cancer in 2001 and then two uncles in 2002-2003, one in each. It is so hard for me to sleep when I found out she is going to be in Colorado at a fair and I had a hard time sleeping that is all I can think about is seeing her. I have a 12 year old girl and she will be 13 on Aug. 17. We are a low income people and we don't travel no were because of the money, but my dream is to see her bad.

hi im a relly big fan of all things dolly shes' the best ever i really became a big fan when i went to dolly wood this summer now i cant get enough dolly. my email is

Hi Dolly and everyone, my name is Val and I have been listen to Dolly Pardon growing up every night at bed time my grand-mother and I would listen to our country music and we sure did enjoyed listen to Dolly! and I still do! I would like to have a Dolly Pardon penpal. looking foreward to hearing from you.

I just finished watching Larry King Live & his interview with Dolly Parton. I've never owned a Dolly album & truth is, country music was never really my first choice in listening preferences. However, Kings interview with Dolly just happened to me on TV at a time when I was to lazy to stretch a reach for the remote. Thank heavens for laziness because once I heard Dolly open her mouth.., I was taken! I have never, in my life, experienced someone so authentic & genuine & honest.., even about her plastic pieces, tucks, plucks, & snips. The woman has no shame she doesn't regret a thing & she would do it all over again, if ever given the chance, & she wouldn't change a thing. Now that's a happy person! I enjoyed that interview so much & I have a new found respect for Ms. Dolly. She is the physical manifestation of pure JOY & LOVE. Never once did she have anything negative to say.., even when asked about the negative things that have been said about her. For someone so tiny, the only thing bigger than her hair is her heart. I'm also gay & I just loved the fact that she so openly expressed her acceptance & sense of honor for all the drag queens who've been lip syncing to her yodels for decades. What a jewel that woman & I'm certain that her fans are just as loving & accepting as she is. One thing I just couldn't figure out was how she played the guitar. They showed a clip of her playing & singing & other than those moon scratching nails, I noticed that she was using chords that I wasn't familiar with. Curious...? Does anyone know how she plays the guitar? Does she use an alternative type of tuning or something? Just curious..., that's all. Anyway, thanks for hearing me out! Dolly just got herself a new fan! Thanks!

Howdy, my name is Patricia but plz call me Trisha. I'm 20 and from South Wales in the UK. I'm looking to chat to anyone who is around my age and also knows of where I can get hold of the video to 'Unlikely Angel' I love Dolly Parton, a brilliant singer and actor. Please help me find this video :( Amazon is out of the question sorry. Hope to hear from anyone soon, take care all.

Hi, my name is Chrissie....but I go by Chris...I live in Iowa but I'm originally from a little town in Virginia not to far from Pigeon Forge..I will always be a die hard Dolly fan till the day I die, I'm only 22 but I've had a lot of sickness and I've been through a lot and Dolly has always been my inspiration so I guess ya can say she's helped me through it all...i enjoy talking to just go ahead and email....everyone have a nice day.

Hi. My name is Laura, I'm 24 and from London, England. Looking to chat to people from all over who are fans of Dolly. I've only just discovered just how fab she is - unfortunately I have missed her recent tour in the UK, which I am very annoyed about! Hope to hear from you :-)

Dear Dolly Penpals: My name Is TJ kizuka and I live In Orlando, Florida, Home of The Most Fun Place to eat In Orlando: Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede. I am in the opening cast here but was in the cast in South Carolina. I am delighted I get to perform with Miss Parton later this month when she opens her Theater. Please watch us on June 18th as we are supposedly opening on Good Morning America!
Love, TJ
P.S. I'd like to brag about our chef, he's an artist with stove and pot, You now when he cooks he likes it HOT! Needs more pepper!

Hey Dolly fans! I'm a 40 year old gay male from Ky. I've been a Dolly fan 4 as long as I can remember. Her beautiful music has gotten me through some bad times. What a wonderful person Dolly is. Talent......Dolly has great talent. From the thousands of song she has written to TV to movies she's been in. Looking forward to talking with other Dolly fans!

Hi Dolly fans, my name is Don and I live on the Isle-of-Lewis in Scotland and I have been a fan of the greatest ever since I heard Dumb Blonde all these years ago. Hope to hear from y`all.

Hey! My main hobbies includes listening to Dolly's music old and new. I am 20/f/ohio and I have loved Dolly ever since I was a baby. My mother used to put her music on for me so I would fall asleep. Now more than ever I want to meet Dolly, she is my idol ! I am her biggest fan in Ohio.

I'm Dolly...first of all thanks an awful lot for this older sister named me after Dolly Parton and as long as I can remember I have loved her actually I guess you could say I'm obsessed with her...her background reminds me so much of my family's..I love the pictures and songs of her from the early days the best..although I love Dolly dearly and would love to meet her I'm ashamed to say I ain't never been inside of Dollywood, but I'm gonna try to go this year.

Hi there. My name is Becci and I live in Perth, Australia. My 9 year old daughter has just seen The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and has fallen in love with Dolly. She has been watching the movie over and over to try and write down the song words. I wondered if any Dolly fans already have copies of the words from the soundtrack. She would absolutely be thrilled to receive them. Thank you

I check Duane's site everyday, I have not found a site that gives me information about our Queen Ms. Dolly as quick and on the mark the way Dollymania does. I have been a Dolly fan since I was about six. I am a little older now at thirty seven.... I need help understanding how to organize all of this Dolly stuff I mean memorabilia, I can not even keep up with what I have. I live in Tarpon Springs FLA next to Clearwater Beach and I am a BIG Buccaneers FAN... Hope to hear from some of you Dolly fans out there.. Vince from FLA

No further information provided.

Hi, my name is DW, I am a gay male, and have been listening to Dolly since 1967, when I was 7 years old. I'm 42 now, and live in San Diego, CA. My favorite years, though I love all her music, is during the 60's and 70's when she played the more traditional country with Porter. I would love to talk with other fans who have a fondness for that era too.

My name is Rachel, I'm 13 yrs of age. I think that Dolly Parton is THE BEST SINGER of all time!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, she's the most down to earth and kind person ever. It would be my life long dream to do a duet with Dolly, because I think she is fab. Words cannot express how much I adore her. I'm hoping to see her in concert this year and when I'm older, I really really really want to go to DOLLYWOOD!!!!! I hope that someday I will have the honour of meeting DOLLY and if she's listening, please make my dream come true!! I live in Northern Ireland.

Hi my name is Troy, I am 37 years old and I have been a fan since I was 10 years old, she is just one of the best in the business who deserves more credit, my favorite older album is New Harvest First Gathering, I have seen her several times in concert, and she is awesome, she gives one of the best live shows I have ever seen...period! I would love to talk to other fans of dolly, I live in Kentucky.

Greetings fellow Dolly Fans! I currently reside in Providence, RI and first became enamored with Dolly's musical gifts with her first recording of "I Will Always Love You." I've read through some of the other emails posted and note that there are a few others who are familiar with Dolly's older music (e.g., Original version of Down From Dover, Light of A Clear Blue Morning). She's a thrill to watch (on TV and in concert) and it's great to see that Dolly fans have a opportunity to connect. For those of you in the U.S. and Europe, I hope you enjoyed the concert tour (I was fortunate to see her in Lowell, MA). As for the current CD, it's great to hear her record what I consider to be Dolly music: "Dagger Through The Heart", "Not For Me" and "If Only." Feel free to drop me a note.

my name is Kevin. I am married with three kids and I have loved Dolly all my life, met her once, saw two of her shows, and have every album she has ever done.

Hi, I'm almost 18 years old, from North Carolina, I am probably the biggest Dolly fan ever! I'm sorta obsessed. To me she's the prettiest woman on earth, I cry every time I hear her sing, she is TOO awesome, my dream is to meet her!! Shes all I think about, such a gorgeous woman. I travel with a few gospel groups on the road, and some of them have met dolly, like the Isaacs and they say she's awesome. anyways- just sharing my feelings. =) later

Hello, please write if you are an Dolly fan.

Hi, I'm a big Dolly fan and would like to meet other fans of the greatest female singer ever!

Hi, my name is Deanna. I'm 34, married and live in Florida. I have loved and been a Dolly fan since the mid 70's. I have been to one of her Christmas Concerts in Dollywood. I had the time of my life. I've only had two dreams in my life-1.get married meet Dolly Parton. I've done 1. Know I've just got to meet Dolly and all my dreams will come true. I would love to chat with other Dolly fans. Have a GREAT day!

Hello my fellow DP fans. My name is Darryl, I'm 37 and live in Phoenix, AZ. I have been a fan of Dolly's for a little over 22 years. Dolly first caught my attention back in late '77 with her release of "Here You Come Again". Every since then, I've been hooked. I've been collecting Dolly memorabilia since that time and have seen her in concert about 15 times - the first was at Lake Tahoe, NV on 2/11/81. I'm sure I've invested enough money to pay for several of her dresses. ;-) If you're interested in corresponding, please send me your e-mail. I'd love to hear from you. With thoughts of Dolly, Darryl

I am writing to you because I need some help! We really love to listen to Dolly songs and I think she is a great person. Well, I need to ask you something. I know you all heard about the accident at the Quecreek Mine in Somerset County. Stella did that concert for the miners and we were all there, but I need someone somehow to recognize the other nine miners all to themselves. The reason being is that the world doesn't know what they went through that night. They had to fight water to get out of there. They had their buddies fall under water. If they hadn't have got out when they did, they more than likely wouldn't have. But as a team they made it. But more than half of them are not back to work. They take different medication and have nightmares about that night. I know that everyone keeps saying well they got out, but they made it out on a hope and prayer and with God's help. But then they stayed working to help free the other nine and they worked 14-16 hour days. They deserve to be recognized all on their own! Also the other guys did. The drillers did. The other rescuers did. But they had not had the chance. Is there something you out there could do for them. I have the names and numbers of those nine. Please help them. Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon. From Rhonda, someone who cares.

Hi my name is Menke. I am 25 yeas old and I live in Holland. I would love to contact some people how are also Dolly fans. My English is not very good but I try. I never seen Dolly live, only on tv and internet. Lots of Love, Menke.

Hi, I am Clive, a 47 year old male living in England. I have loved Dolly's music forever. I am going to see her live for the first time in London in November. I've been to Dollywood & loved it. Fave Dolly movie: "Straight Talk". I love Dolly's music whatever style it's in. I also like Shania Twain & Kid Rock. I would lovee to hear from any Dolly fan.

Hi my name is Jamie, I am 31 and live in Knoxville, TN. Born in Sevierville, TN. I am related to Dolly. Her grandfather Jake Owen's was a brother to my grandmother Annie Owens Maples. I have a pic that she took with me during her father's funeral. We had a private ceremony and she did a few pics with some of the family after it was over.

Hi, my name is Teresa. I'm 37, married, have 1 son. I have loved Dolly since I as old enough to put the arm on the record player. Yes that old!!!! I saw Dolly in St. Louis, Mo. As I have always said Dolly is the best of the best. I have some Dolly pics from a benefit she did in 1997 close to my home town, I'll be glad to share let me know.

Hi there my name is Ian. I am a gay and a big Dolly fan. I live in Tasmania which is a state of Australia. I have been a Dolly fan for 25 years. I am now 43 years old. I would love to hear from other fans especially from Australia. I have seen Dolly in concert once and I am really hoping that she will bring her US and European tour to Australia. I think she is one of the greatest singer songwriters and would love to hear from other fans.

My name is Suzi, I'm 13 and Iive in the UK. I've loved Dolly forever, and I'd love to chat to some people (male/female) around my age. I'll e-mail anyone and everyone who wants to chat about Dolly!

Hi. My name is Keith and I am from England. I must say that I have only recently become a Dolly Parton fan since hearing her Little Sparrow and The Grass is Blue CDs. I like her style of music and the sound of her singing voice, which I think has matured beautifully compared to her earlier recordings. Some of the instrumental bits on the CDs are fun to listen to, too. I could not believe my luck when I found out that Dolly was doing a UK Tour this year. I will be going to both of her London concerts dates. I am 38, 165cm tall and I like folk and country music too. I would like to hear from other Dolly Parton fans.

Hi my name is Jayson, and I am a 25 gay male living in Columbus, Ohio. I have loved Dolly since I was 5 years old! I believe she is the best entertainer there is, was, or ever will be! In my opinion, I believe she is a true earth angel. I love everything about her: her look, outlook, and total personality! I would love to chat with other Dolly fans, and possible swap some Dolly stuff! So if your interested email me. Hope to here from ya soon! Bye-Bye!

Hello. My name is Biswalo. I am a male staying in Korogwe, Tanzania. I really like country music and I like the "Coat Of Many Colors." It really reminds me of my old days. I like other songs played by this madam. I would like to invite you all in sharing the fruits.

Hi, my name is Jim. I'm a 37 year old married male from Wisconsin. I really like all kinds of music - dance, 70s, 80s, heavy metal, top 40, pop and country..As for Dolly, I have always liked her music since I was about 15 years old. My favorite song of Dolly's is "9 to 5" and "Great Balls of Fire." I also think Dolly always dresses nice and she is very pretty. As for other interests I really like Elvis, I love singing, especially Elvis songs, I enjoy going to sporting events - I like baseball, basketball, football, tennis and bowling. I also have a 12 year old son named Jimmy. Well hope to hear from everyone. Bye.

Hello fellow Dolly fans. My name is Kelly, I am 25 and from Baltimore, MD. Wow how long have I been a Dolly fan. Ever since i can remember watching the TV taped version of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. That is when Dolly's incredible voice, charisma, down home personality, and smile just grabbed me in. I recently went to see her in Washington, D.C., as part of her Halos and Horns concert tour. I hope all you fellow Dolly fans get a chance to get out and see her. She is wonderful. That is my first time seeing her in concert and I am hooked!!! So I am heading up to Lowell, Mass., in August to see her again. But please if anyone would like to chat some more about "Dolly" give me a Holler and we will take it from there. Take care.

Is seeking to correspond with any other fans who have the lyrics to Porter & Dolly's Love And Music album.

Hey All, I'm Craig. I have been a huge fan of Dolly's since about the age of six. I just kinda want to express my love and respect for her to people who can kinda understand what it is I'm trying to say. On the 13th of August I'm flying to Denver to see her live for the first time it's like a dream come true. Not to mention I get to share it with my Sister-in-law/Best friend Tiffany who shares the same love for her as I do. We just can't believe it!! let's see she has too many fabulous songs to mention but to date I think '"weet Music Man" is my favorite, from my favorite album Here You Come Again. I will close for now I would love to hear from all you other amazing fans!
"It takes alot of money to look this cheap"

Hello, my name is Dan and I am the biggest Dolly Parton fan in the world.... I would love to talk to other Dolly fans. That would be so cool. I am 29 years old. I live in Michigan. I have liked Dolly for 21 years. I have lots of dolly things I have got over the years.... well e-mail me and we can talk about the queen of the world .................. like Dolly would say at the end of her show, "Bye-bye!"

Hey, how's it going! I'm Christiana and im from Australia. I have lived in Queensland in these places Cairns, Brisbane, Rubyvale in the Gemfeilds but I was born in Inverell which is where I live now. It's a country town in New South Wales. Im a Dolly fan, but I also love other types of music. Im 14 and I love the surf and the country. I love the song 9 to 5 its pretty cool. Any how keep chillen and all those Chics and Ghys out there who want to talk please email me cya!!!

Howdy!! I am a 16 year old girl from Texas. I have been a Dolly Fan ever since I can remember. Dolly has changed my life more than anyone will ever know, through her words and laughter. She is like an angel sent from heaven. If I could wish for anything I wanted it would be to meet her, I sometimes cry at night because I know I may never get the chance to meet her. I would give anything just to meet her at least once, I would give up everything that I own for her; even my life. My favorite song is "Real Love", my favorite movie is Straight Talk, and my favorite quote is "If you see somebody without a smile, give em' yours." I would love to talk with some Dolly fans and maybe find out something I don't know about her. If you know how to get a hold of her, please email me.

Hi! I'm a 15 year old girl from Denmark who really likes Dolly. I would like to e-mail with somebody who also likes Dolly as much as I do and because it's at little fun to write with somebody on English and meet new friends. E-mail me at and I will write you back as quickly as I can.

AIM Screen name: aRISDchick
Hi guys. I'm 19 and I'm a student at RISD. I've been a Dolly lover since I was 11. One of my favorite Dolly quotes is "If you want the rainbow you gotta put up with the rain." Isn't that the truth! I'd love to hear from you! Peace, Love, Dollywood.

I have been a fan since 1976. I am 38 years old and would love to hear from all. My favorite Dolly song is "Heartbreaker." I've seen her in concert a few times and been to Dollywood. E-mail me, lets talk, or write me at Dale Brown, 911 Main Street, Black River Falls, WI 54615.

Hi. I'm from Germany and am Dolly fan. I visited Dollywood in 1993. It was great! I'm looking forward to the tour plan from Dolly. I hope she will come to Europe. Maybe someone will e-mail me with the tour plan and let us be pen pals. My favorite song is "Applejack" from Dolly. Bye and have a nice day.

I've recently moved to Nashville to be closer to where Dolly lives and hopefully, receive more information about my favorite songwriter and recording artist. She's the world's greatest entertainer, would enjoy hearing from like minded folks. DOLLY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

Hello. My Name is Jeannie. I have been a Dolly fan since the song "Here You Come Again." I live in Florida. My husband and I are going to Tennessee next week for the opening of Dollywood. We sure would like to meet some of you fans.

My name is Chip. I am 20 years old and I have loved Dolly since I was a child, and the first thing I ever bought for myself was Dolly's LP Real Love. I live in Beckley, W.V., and have a lot of trouble finding people my age that love Dolly. I have seen Dolly in concert but my personal dream is to someday meet her, or even be in the same room with her.

My name is Eric. I am a 29 year old gay male in Seattle, WA. I have been a Dolly fan for about 5 years now. I really enjoy Dolly's songs because they are honest and from the heart. She has the voice of an angel. It is one of my dreams to see her in concert.

I am a great fan of Dolly in our country, Czech Republic. I must to tell to all American fans, that on Christmas Day, in our TV, we all had a beautiful opportunity to see Dollys film Unlikely Angel. Great movie ! I collect Dollys albums (and now CDs) over 30 years and shes still my number one in country music. All her albums and cds are on my website - including albums covers and lyrics to most of her songs. Also, there are all her albums duets with Porter Wagoner. Dolly is number one in our country (Czech Republic) as a country singer !

Hi all you Dolly fans! My name is Bruce, and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I am a huge fan of Dolly Parton and have lots of her music. Her music is always uplifting and inspirational. My favorite song of hers is "Smoky Mountain Memories." I also love Dolly as a person as I admire her monumental achievements in spite of her poor upbringing. Dolly is a true living legend!

Hey! My name is Tammy. I'm 17 years old. I've been a fan since i was 10. I live in England. My favourite of the songs Dolly has done, is "Little Sparrow."

Hi my name is Vicky and I have been a Dolly fan since 1967. I have seen her many times. Would love to hear from other major fans.

Hi yall, my name is Jessika and I am 17. I have been a Dolly fanatic since I was 5. Dolly is so awesome!!! My favorite movie of hers is Dolly Parton in A Smoky Mountain Christmas. That's the first movie I ever saw with her in it. My favorite album is Best of Dolly Parton. The song I like most is ''Coat of Many Colors''. My favorite quote of hers is ''Get down of the cross somebody needs the wood''. I would give anything to meet her, I would probably be in tears if I did. I would love to chat with other people who love Dolly as much as I do. All you Dolly fans are awesome!!!!

I'm a 26-year-old gay Dolly fanatic. I have loved her for over 15 years. I am interested in meeting other Dolly Fans. My favorite Dolly album is Heartbreaker. My favorite Dolly song is (76) "Light of a Clear Blue Morning." My favorite Dolly movie is Nine to Five. My favorite Dolly line is "Having an affair is like shooting pool on two tables, you may have the balls but you're gonna wear out your stick." Dolly rules!!!!!!

I am 5ft 3, blonde hair, blue eyes. I am 15. I am 110 pounds. I hope to meet Dolly sometime. I love Dolly. I want to chat with Dolly fans, hope to meet one of them or at lest get to know them.

Hi. I'm a 21-year-old gal from Sweden and I've loved Dolly for a long time now. My fave-movie with her that I've seen is probably Steel Magnolias. My fave-song is I think "He's Alive" or "A Long Time Ago." Please write me.

Hello, everybody. My name is David. I am a 27 year old gay male living in San Bernardino. I have been a fan of Dolly since 1987. I am an accounting tech for a major event center in San Bernardino. My hobbies are shopping, traveling, reading, dancing, listening to music, fooling around on the computer, hanging out with friends, and watching tv. I listen to all types of music except rap and heavy metal. Most of the time I listen to country, rock, 70s, 80s, and disco. My favorite Dolly song is "Baby I'm Burning." Hope to hear from you soon.

I am 27 years old and I live outside Philadelphia, Pa. My favorite Dolly song is "Here You Come Again" and my favorite Dolly movie is Steel Magnolias. I would love to chat with other Dolly fans about the best female singer ever!

I live in London and of course am a big fan. I would dearly love to travel to the States to see Dolly live in the next year or so. I would like to chat with likeminded fans and also those who are interested in chatting about her music.

I live in Melbourne, Australia. I have loved Dolly since I was about 8 years old :) I have never seen her live as yet :( I'm 31 years old . I would have to say my favorite Dolly song is "Down From Dover." I was so happy to see it re-recorded for Little Sparrow!!! I'm hoping to find pals to write to from every corner of the world. Hope to hear from you soon!

I am a huge Dolly fan wanting to make friends with serious Ms. Parton fans. I live in England and my favorite Dolly quote is "If you see someone without a smile give them yours."

Hello! My name is Eva and I am from Vienna (Austria). I am nearly 19 and a big fan of Dolly. My fav. song is "9 to 5."

DC-area NASA science writer and huge Dolly fan wants to talk with others with same life-changing outlook Dolly has given them.

Hi, my name is Brandie Tutor. I am 17 years old and a senior in high school. I am a Dolly FREAK!! My room is painted Dolly!! I collect anything Dolly and LOVE to meet and Chat with others like myself. If anyone wants to chat email me. By the way, I have no plans for the summer and if you Dolly fans want to meet let me know!

Hello, my name is Jonathan, you can see my pic with Dolly on the fan page (here). I am a 25-year-old male from Lexington Ky. Have been a huge Dolly for long as I can remember. I have meet Dolly many times and seen Dolly in concert many times. I collect anything Dolly. I am looking forward in meeting other Dolly fans.

Hi, my name is Paul, and I'm 34 years old. I have loved Dolly since the young age of 4. Would love to hear from Dolly fans! My e-mail is above, or you can write at Paul Dixon Jr, 651 Walton Ave., Beverly, NJ 08010.

Hi! My name is Terry and I'm from Canada. Dolly has been my idol since I was 5 years old when I saw her perform on the 1978 CMA awards show. My Dolly collection consists of her most popular magazine covers, movies, singles and B-sides, and all of Dolly's U.S. albums. Contact me at and let's Dolly chat!

I have been a Dolly fan and collector since 1974. I live in Charlotte, N.C. I am a hairstylist.

Hi there Dolly Fans! I am 17 and live in Tennessee. Have been a fan of Dolly's for a long time! Can't wait to meet you all!

Chris Barnes
AOL Instant Messenger Username: ChrisDollyPages
I'm 15, been a Dolly fan all my life and look forward to talking with other fans!