TNN finally aired the "Prime Time Country" episode with Dolly on Thursday, March 25, although when she sat down she had about two minutes of trouble getting her microphone pinned on her since she wore a closed top dress instead of a low-cut open one. Dolly performed "The Seeker" and "Precious Memories" with the band, and then she performed an acoustic version of her song "Calm on the Water" accompanying herself on the guitar. She promoted her April 1 TNN special "Precious Memories" and talked about all of the guests appearing on it. They played a clip of her and her sister Rachel and brother Randy reminiscing about their childhood and saying the names of all 12 kids in their family really, really fast. She also noted that she performs a few trio numbers with Allison Krauss and Suzanne Cox on the special, noting that this is different from her Trio with Linda and Emmylou. (Although the Dolly-Allison-Suzanne sound is the trio heard on Dolly's Treasures version of "After the Goldrush.")

She also announced that all proceeds from her gospel album being released next month exclusively through Dollywood will benefit the Dollywood Foundation. Of course, she promoted Dollywood's opening and its new "rollie coaster" and Southern Gospel Hall of Fame.

Gary Chapman asked her how she felt about a few people: Julia Roberts (loves), Loretta Lynn (loves) and Porter Wagoner (could say a lot about him, and some of it would even be good).

A little girl was in the audience who had done a report on Dolly for school, and Gary asked her to sign it. She called the girl up to the stage and did so, addressing it to the girl's teacher and asking her to please give the kid an A.

They also did a new installment of "What Do You Think, Dolly?" when audience members ask her advice. She noted that she got in trouble when they did this segment at hear last appearance on the show, saying that people told her she is such a nice person but has such a dirty mouth. The first question, from Jeff from Dallas, asked what he should do about his girlfriend having a dog he couldn't stand, that it's the dog or him. "I think she's gonna have to have one of you neutered!" Dolly answered. Next, Lariane from Pennsylvania asked what to do about her husband constantly flipping channels with the remote control. "Kill him," Dolly said, then adding that she's had the same problem with her husband and they solved it by getting separate televisions in separate rooms. Then Adrianna from Tucson told Dolly she'd make a great politician and asked if she'd run for office. She responded that she's been asked to do so before but that she wasn't interested in it; however, she said she'd like to be a diplomat, "the kind of people who tell you to go to hell and make you look forward to the trip." Then Adam from Kentucky asked if he should eat meat around his vegetarian girlfriend, to which she responded, "Not if it's her dog!" Finally, Gloria from Pennsylvania asked what she should do about her husband wearing pants too small for him. Dolly said she sympathized with anyone with a weight problem, since she's battled hers for years, but she said she's had the same problem with her husband because men are constantly trying to keep their youth and believe they're always the same size as when they were teenagers but that she should make him buy the right sized pants.

Gary announced that Dolly will perform at the Opryland Hotel Spectacular on New Year's Day 2000. Dolly noted that is Jan. 1, not Dec. 31, when she plans to say home in case of Y2K problems. Gary jokingly asked if Dolly thought she had a chip in herself that would explode as the calendar changed.

The group Montgomery Gentry also performed.