Well, November is over, and thus ends Dolly's reign as CMT's Showcase Artist for the month. But you can still read what she said in her four interview specials in case you missed one. Simply click on the date you want to read: Nov. 6, Nov. 13, Nov. 20,Nov. 27/Nov. 2.

In announcing Dolly as Showcase Artist, the network released this statement: "Dolly has an unparalleled track record in the entertainment world," said Chris Parr, director of programming for the cable network. "She's released more than 60 albums, and her newest album and music videos reflect a return to her musical roots. CMT viewers are responding strongly to 'Honky Tonk Songs,' her newest video."

ALSO: * To read what Dolly had to say on her on-line chat on Country.com Nov. 3, click here.

* To read Country.com's Nov. 4 feature article on her, click here.

AND: CMT finally premiered the video for "The Salt in My Tears" Nov. 4, and Dolly is as fabulous as ever! It's set in a salt mine, with images of Dolly singing in a leather jacket in front of salt processing equipment and in a white dress on a beach interspersed with a guy chained at the ankles working in the mine and a woman who controls this apparent slave. (Although the video version is shortened a little from the album cut.) At the end there's a motion Dolly makes which is just classic! (See the videoclip on my Dollymedia page.)Request the video now at