The Trio on "Rosie."

On "Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee" March 25 with co-host Dolly, the Trio performed their upcoming single "After the Goldrush." When going to commercial, a snippet was shown of the three singing "High Sierra." During the interview portion, they recounted their frequently-told stories of first meeting and first singing together. Linda explained how singers perform backstage or at home with any other singers who are around, and it's nice, but there's not much exciting there. However, when the three of them sang together for the first time, they realized, "This was different!" she said. They repeated that Trio II was delayed due to scheduling conflicts, with Dolly adding she was releasing her book at the time and doing television, so she messed up plans to promote the album in 1995. "I've always got so many irons in the fire, one of 'em's bound to burn somebody's ass," she said. When Regis asked what each one recalled as her most memorable individual performance, Emmylou said hers was when she was playing a small club in Houston, Texas, while on tour with Gram Parsons and Linda was playing a nearby large venue on tour with Neil Young, and they came to see Emmylou's show, and by the end of the performance, all four stars were onstage together. Dolly said she had two: when she first performed on the Grand Old Opry at age 13 and when she became a member of the Grand Old Opry in 1969 (at age 23). Linda didn't understand the question.

On March 24, the ladies appeared on "The Late Show With David Letterman" on CBS. They performed "After the Goldrush," with Dolly on lead. This is one of the three songs that will be simultaneously released as singles from the CD and is the one for which they're shooting a video. They sounded beautifully, except whoever mixed the audio had the harmony microphones up too high, so Linda and Emmylou didn't blend into the background as they do on the recording. Although they didn't do an interview portion on the show, the performance showed what the glass harmonica looks like. I had never seen one before, and I had been wondering what instrument made that gorgeous, almost-human sound during the song's bridge.

On Friday, Feb. 26, the Trio appeared on "CBS This Morning," performing "High Sierra."

The Trio on CBS. Thanks Greg!

On "Rosie" on Feb. 12, the Trio performed "When We're Gone, Long Gone" with Emmylou on lead. During the interview segment, Emmylou explained the reason behind the childhood photos on the album cover was that they couldn't get together for a photo shoot. Linda, Emmylou, and Rosie each talked about their children. Dolly talked about how her nieces and nephews refer to her as "Aunt Grannie." They played a clip from Dolly's 1976 TV show of the Trio singing "Applejack" in their first public performance together. They also each autographed items Rosie auctions on e-bay to benefit her For the Kids Foundation; the auction raised more than $2,500.

On the "Today" show on NBC Feb. 11, the Trio performed "High Sierra," but it proved a little difficult for them. Just as they began singing, Emmylou touched the microphone, prompting it to make a loud pop. All three of them cracked up, Linda the worst, so they sang the first part of the introductory chorus through laughter. You could see them fighting laughter through the second half of that chorus. This interview was the opposite from the one Tuesday night, in that since the host asked questions directly of each of them, Emmylou talked the most and Dolly the least. Emmylou described how Dolly was her and Linda's "favorite girl singer" in the early '70s and how they met together at Emmylou's house in California and sang "When I Stop Dreaming." Linda spoke of how their voices are so different that when they come together it blends into a fourth sound and how she never listens to her own recordings but can listen to the Trio's music. She also joked that they waited so long to release Trio II to build anticipation and that they've recorded Trio III and stuffed it in the top shelf of Dolly's closet for release in another 10 years.

On "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Feb. 9, the Trio performed an enchanting version of "High Sierra," featuring Linda on lead. During the interview segment of the show, Dolly, of course, dominated the conversation. (Linda recently said Emmylou tolerates television appearances, adding that she hates them herself.) Linda had a few words to say, but Emmylou, for the most part, remained silent. Jay showed the audience the three childhood photographs which adorn the album cover, asking them to guess who each was. The audience members got every one, but they cheered the loudest when Dolly's came up. Dolly lauded Emmylou's ability to find great songs for them as well as Linda's "genius" on the technical aspects in the studio. This was their first public appearance to promote the new CD.