Dolly's recordings

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[Only original recordings and re-recordings are listed]

(D=Dolly original)
*: with Porter Wagoner, ***: with Kenny Rodgers, ****: Trio (with Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt); No.1s underlined.

1960s    1970s    1980s    1990s    2000s

Goldband recordings 1957/released 1959 (available on several re-releases): Girl Left Alone, Puppy Love (D) [her first single]

Forbidden Love/So Little I Wanted, So Little I Got (with Bill Owens) (Circle B Label) 1960

Mercury recordings 1962: It's Sure Gonna Hurt (D) (available on Time-Life Music's The Country Music Hall of Fame Presents Legendary Country Singers: Dolly Parton, 1998); The Love You Gave (B-side single only, available on 50 Years of Country from Mercury, 1995 box set)

Somerset Recordings: Released as Hits Made Famous By Country Queens in 1963: It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels, Letter to Heaven, Little Blossom, Making Believe, Release Me, Two Little Orphans [available on several re-releases]

Early Monument recordings song listed first before the slash was released as a single (ones in bold are available on subsequent re-releases, such as The Little Things, Belgium):

1965: I Wasted My Tears/What Do You Think About Lovin' (D) (former also included on 1967 album Hello I'm Dolly, latter one also available on Winning Hand as duet with Brenda Lee); Old Enough to Know Better (D)/Happy, Happy Birthday Baby (latter one available on Winning Hand as duet with Willie Nelson); Busy Signal/I Took Him For Granted(D) ("I Took Him For Granted" was also released separately with the B-side "I'll Put It Off Until Tomorrow," a take on "Put It Off Until Tomorrow" in which Dolly sings the part of the person who is "leaving tomorrow.")

1966: Control Yourself/Don't Drop Out; Little Things/Put It Off Until Tomorrow (both included on 1967 album Hello I'm Dolly, former also included on Winning Hand as duet with Kris Kristofferson)

1968: I'm Not Worth the Tears/Ping Pong (latter also included on Winning Hand as duet with Kris Kristofferson)

Other early Monument recordings 1966 (re-done for Winning Hand in 1982): Everything's Beautiful (D)

Decca Records 1965: Friends Tell Friends (D) (by Bill Phillips, also Dolly uncredited harmony) single (later appeared on 1967 LP Style (BP)); 1966: Put It Off Until Tomorrow (D) [by Bill Phillips, Dolly's uncredited harmony] Put It Off Until Tomorrow (BP) (available on From the Vaults: Decca Country Classics, 1994 box set);

Unreleased Monument/Combine demos (very partial list): Time and Distance (D), Just For Me (D), Am I Right or Wrong (D), I Don't Care If You Don't Care (D) [harmony with Bill Owens singing lead].

Hello I'm Dolly (Monument) July 1967: The Company You Keep (D), Dumb Blonde, Fuel to the Flame (D), The Giving and the Taking, I Don't Want To Throw Rice (D), I Wasted My Tears (D), I'm In No Condition (D), I've Lived My Life, The Little Things (D), Put It Off Until Tomorrow (D), Something Fishy (D), Your Ole Handy Man (D)

Other Monument recordings 1966-1967 (released on As Long As I Love in 1970 and subsequent re-releases): As Long As I Love (D), Daddy Won't Be Home Anymore (D), A Habit I Can't Break, Hillbilly Willy (D), I Couldn't Wait Forever (D), I Don't Trust Me Around You, I Don't Want You Around Me (D), I Wound Easy, I'm Not Worth The Tears (D), This Boy Has Been Hurt (D), Too Lonely Too Long (D), Why Why Why (D)

Just Between You and Me* (RCA) January 1968: Before One of Us Was Wrong (D), Before I Met You, Four O Thirty-Three, Home Is Where the Hurt Is, Just Between You and Me, The Last Thing On My Mind, Love Is Worth Living (D), Mommie Ain't That Daddy (D), Put It Off Until Tomorrow (D), Sorrow's Tearing Down the House, This Time Has Gotta Be Our Last Time, Two Sides to Every Story (D)

Just Because I'm a Woman (RCA) April 1968: Baby Sister, The Bridge (D), False Eyelashes, I Wish I Felt This Way at Home, I'll Oil Wells Love You (D), I'm Running Out of Love, Just Because I'm a Woman (D), A Little Bit Slow To Catch On, Love and Learn, The Only Way Out, Try Being Lonely, You're Gonna Be Sorry (D)

Just the Two of Us* (RCA) September 1968: Afraid to Love Again, Closer By the Hour, Dark End of the Street, Holding On to Nothing, I Can (D), I Washed My Face in the Morning Dew, Jeanie's Afraid of the Dark (D), Just the Two of Us, The Party (D), Slip Away Today, Somewhere Between, We'll Get Ahead Someday

In the Good Old Days (RCA) February 1969: Always a First Time, Carroll County Accident, D-i-v-o-r-c-e, Don't Let It Trouble Your Mind (D), Fresh Out of Forgiveness, Harper Valley PTA, He's a Go Getter (D), In The Good Old Days When Times Were Bad (D), It's My Time, Little Bird (D), Mama Say A Prayer (D), Mine (D)

Always, Always* (RCA) July 1969: Always Always, Anything is Better Than Nothing, Good as Gold, The House Where Love Lives, I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby, Malena (D), Milwaukee Here I Come, My Hands Are Tied (D), No Reason to Hurry Home (D), There Never Was a Time, Why Don't You Haul Off and Love Me, Yours Love

My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy (RCA) September 1969: Big Wind, Daddy (D), Evening Shade (D), Games People Play, Gypsy, Joe, and Me (D), Home for Pete's Sake, I'm Fed Up With You, In The Ghetto, The Monkey's Tale, My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy (D), 'Til Death Do Us Part (D), We Had All The Good Things Going

The Fairest of Them All (RCA) February 1970: Before You Make Up Your Mind, But You Loved Me Then (D), Chas (D), Daddy Come and Get Me (D), Down from Dover (D), I'm Doing This for Your Sake (D), Just the Way I Am (D), Mammie (D), More Than Their Share (D), Robert (D), When Possession Gets Too Strong (D)

Porter Wayne and Dolly Rebecca* (RCA) March 1970: Every Season Changes You, Forty Miles from Poplar Bluff, I'm Wasting Your Time and You're Wasting Mine (D), It Might As Well Be Me (D), Just Someone I Used To Know, Mendy Never Sleeps (D), No Love Left, Run That By Me One More Time (D), Silver Sandals (D), Tomorrow is Forever (D), We Can't Let This Happen to Us

A Real Live Dolly (RCA) July 1970: Bloody Bones (D), Dumb Blonde, How Great Thou Art, Jeanie's Afraid of the Dark* (D), My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy (D), Put It Off Until Tomorrow* (D), Run That By Me One More Time* (D), Something Fishy (D), Tall Man, Tomorrow is Forever* (D), Two Sides to Every Story* (D), Wabash Cannonball, Y'all Come, You Gotta Be My Baby

Once More* (RCA) August 1970: Before Our Weakness Gets Too Strong, Daddy Was an Old Time Preacher Man (D), Fight and Scratch (D), A Good Understanding (D), I Know You're Married But I Love You Still, Let's Live for Tonight, Once More, One Day at a Time, Ragged Angel (D), Thoughtfulness

The Best of Dolly Parton (RCA) November 1970: Mule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel No. 8), How Great Thou Art [only new cuts; although the same recording of the latter song would appear the next year on Golden Streets of Glory]

Golden Streets of Glory (RCA) February 1971: Book of Life, Golden Streets of Glory (D), Heaven's Just a Prayer Away, How Great Thou Art, I Believe, I'll Keep Climbing, Lord Hold My Hand (D), The Master's Hand (D), Wings of a Dove, Yes I See God

"Comin' For To Carry Me Home" RCA 1971 (A-side single not included on album; B-side is "Golden Streets of Glory")

Two of a Kind* (RCA) February 1971: All I Need Is You, Curse of the Wild Weed Flower (D), The Fighting Kind (D), The Flame (D), Is It Real (D), The Pain of Loving You (D), Possom Holler, There'll Be Love (D), Today Tomorrow and Forever, Two of a Kind (D)

Joshua (RCA) April 1971: Chicken Every Sunday, Daddy's Moonshine Still (D), The Fire's Still Burning (D), It Ain't Fair That It Ain't Right, Joshua (D), J.J. Sneed (D), The Last One To Touch Me (D), Letter to Heaven, Walls of My Mind (D), You Can't Reach Me Anymore (D)

The Best of Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton* (RCA) July 1971: Better Move It On Home [only new cut]

Coat of Many Colors (RCA) October 1971: A Better Place to Live (D), Coat of Many Colors (D), Early Morning Breeze (D), Here I Am (D), If I Love My Mind, My Blue Tears (D), Mystery of the Mystery, She Never Met a Man She Didn't Like (D), Traveling Man (D), The Way I See You

“My Heart Started Breaking” (1971 version) (D), “The Tender Touch Of Love,” “My Blue Tears” (acoustic demo) (D) previously-unreleased bonus tracks included on 2007 re-issue of Coat Of Many Colors

Burning the Midnight Oil/The Right Combination* (RCA) January 1972: Burning the Midnight Oil, The Fog Has Lifted, Her and the Car and the Mobile Home, In Each Love Some Pain Must Fall (D), I've Been This Way Too Long (D), More Than Words Can Tell, On and On, The Right Combination, Somewhere Along the Way (D), Through Thick and Thin

"Chet's Tune" (RCA) 1972 (Chet Atkins tribute by "Some Of Chet's Friends" including Dolly)

Touch Your Woman (RCA) March 1972: The Greatest Days of All (D), A Little at a Time (D), Loneliness Found Me, A Lot of You Left in Me (D), Love Is Only As Strong As Your Weakest Moment, Love Isn't Free, Mission Chapel Memories (D), Second Best (D), Touch Your Woman (D), Will He Be Waiting (D)

Together Always* (RCA) September 1972: Anyplace You Want To Go, Christina (D), Looking Down, Lost Forever in Your Kiss (D), Love's All Over, Poor Folks Town (D), Take Away, Ten-Four Over and Out, Together Always (D), You and Me Her and Him

Sings My Favorite Songwriter: Porter Wagoner (RCA) October 1972: The Bird That Never Flew, Comes and Goes, Do You Hear the Robins Sing, He Left Me Love, Lonely Coming Down, Oh He's Everywhere, Still On Your Mind, Washday Blues, What Ain't To Be Just Might Happen, When I Sing For Him

"Just As Good As Gone" (D) (RCA)1972 (B-side of single only; included as bonus track on 2007 re-issue of Coat Of Many Colors)

We Found It* (RCA) February 1973: Between Us (D), How Close They Must Be, I Am Always Waiting (D), I've Been Married Just As Long As You Have (D), Love City, Love Have Mercy on Us (D), Satan's River, Sweet Rachel Ann (D), That's When Love Will Mean the Most, We Found It

My Tennessee Mountain Home (RCA) March 1973: Back Home (D), The Better Part of Life (D), Daddy's Working Boots (D), Dr. Robert F. Thomas (D), Down on Music Row (D), I Remember (D), In The Good Old Days When Times Were Bad (D), The Letter (D), My Tennessee Mountain Home (D), Old Black Kettle (D), The Wrong Direction Home (D)

Love and Music* (RCA) July 1973: Come to Me (D), I Get Lonesome By Myself (D), If Teardrops Were Pennies, In The Presence of You, Laugh the Years Away, Love Is Out Tonight, Sounds of Night, There'll Always Be Music (D), Wasting Love, You (D)

"Here Comes The Freedom Train" (Freedom Train Foundation) 1973 (single only)

Bubbling Over (RCA) September 1973: Afraid to Live Afraid of Dying, Alabama Sundown, The Beginning (D), Bubbling Over (D), Love With Me (D), Love You're So Beautiful Tonight, My Kind of Man (D), Pleasant as May (D), Sometimes an Old Memory Gets in My Eye, Traveling Man (D)

Jolene (RCA) February 1974: Early Morning Breeze (D), Highlight of My Life (D), I Will Always Love You (D), It Must Be You, Jolene (D), Living on Memories of You (D), Lonely Coming Down, Randy (D), River of Happiness, When Someone Wants To Leave (D)

“Cracker Jack” (D), “Another Woman’s Man” (D), “Barbara On Your Mind” (1974 version) (D), “Last Night’s Lovin’” (D) previously-unreleased bonus tracks included on 2007 re-issue of Jolene

Porter 'N' Dolly* (RCA) August 1974: Fire That Keeps You Warm (D), Please Don't Stop Loving Me (D), The Power of Love, Sixteen Years, Sounds of Nature (D), Together You and I (D), Too Far Gone (D), Two (D), We'd Have to Be Crazy (D), Without You (D)

Love is Like a Butterfly (RCA) September 1974: Blackie Kentucky (D), Gettin' Happy (D), Highway Heading South, If I Cross Your Mind, Love Is Like a Butterfly (D), My Eyes Can See Only You (D), Once Upon a Memory (D), Sacred Memories (D), Take Me Back (D), You're the One That Taught Me How to Swing (D)

The Bargain Store (RCA) February 1975: The Bargain Store (D), He Would Know (D), I Want To Be What You Need (D), I'll Never Forget (D), Kentucky Gambler (D), Love To Remember, On My Mind Again (D), Only Hand You'll Need to Hold (D), When I'm Gone (D), You'll Always Be Special to Me

GOLD Best of Dolly Parton (RCA) July 1975 [no new cuts; included because gold]

In Concert (RCA) 1975: The Bargain Store (D), Coat of Many Colors (D), Jolene (D), Love Is Like a Butterfly (D), Rollin' My Sweet Baby's Arms [with Ronnie Millsap]

Say Forever You'll Be Mine* (RCA) August 1975: Again, The Beginning (D), How Can I (D), I Have No Right to Care (D), If You Were Mine, Life Rides The Train, Love To See Us Through, Our Love, Say Forever You'll Be Mine (D), Something To Reach For (D)

Dolly (aka The Seeker/We Used To) (RCA) September 1975: Because I Love You (D), Bobby's Arms (D), Hold Me (D), I'll Remember You as Mine (D), The Love I Used to Call Mine (D), Most of All Why (D), My Heart Started Breaking (D), Only the Memory Remains (D), The Seeker (D), We Used To (D)

"Love With Feeling" (RCA)1975 (B-side single only)

"Light of the Stable"**** [plus Neil Young] (Warner Brothers) 1975 Light of the Stable (EH)

"Is Forever Longer Than Always"*/"If You Say I Can*" (D) (RCA) May 1976, single only ("Forever" is available on Essential Porter & Dolly, 1996)

"To Daddy" (D) recorded 1976 but not released until 1995 on RCA Essential Dolly Vol. 1

All I Can Do (RCA) August 1976: All I Can Do (D), Boulder to Birmingham, Falling Out of Love With Me (D), Fire That Keeps You Warm (D), Hey Lucky Lady (D), I'm a Drifter (D), Life's Like Poetry, Preacher Tom (D), Shattered Image (D), When the Sun Goes Down Tomorrow (D)

Mary Kay Place Live at the Capri Lounge: Loretta Haggers (CBS) 1976 (MKP): Good Ole Country Baptizin' [with Herb Pedersen and Mary Kay Place], Coke and Chips [with Mary Kay Place], All I Can Do [with Mary Kay Place]

"Coat of Many Colors" (D) (RCA) September 1976 Great Moments at the Grand Ole Opry

"Do I Ever Cross Your Mind" (D) [with Chet Atkins] (RCA) October 1976, The Best of Chet Atkins and Friends (CA)

New Harvest...First Gathering (RCA) February 1977: Applejack (D),Getting in My Way (D), Higher and Higher, Holdin' On to You (D), How Does It Feel (D), Light of A Clear Blue Morning (D), My Love (My Girl), There (D), Where Beauty Lives in Memory (D), You Are (D)

"I Never Will Marry" [with Linda Ronstadt] (Asylum) 1977 Simple Dreams (LR)

"Cora Is Gone" [with Herb Pederson] and "If I Lose"[with Herb Pederson, Linda Ronstadt and about five other guys] (CBS) 1977 Sandman (HP)

"When I Stop Dreaming" [with Emmylou Harris] (Warner Brothers) 1977 Luxury Liner (EH)

PLATINUM Here You Come Again (RCA) October 1977: As Soon As I Touched Him, Baby Come Out Tonight, Cowgirl and the Dandy, God's Coloring Book (D), GOLD Here You Come Again, It's All Wrong But It's All Right (D), Lovin' You, Me and Little Andy (D), Sweet Music Man, Two Doors Down (D) [version I, first pressing; version II, subsequent pressings]

GOLD Heartbreaker (RCA) July 1978: Baby I'm Burning (D), Heartbreaker, I Really Got the Feeling, I Wanna Fall in Love (D), It's Too Late to Love Me Now, The Man (D), Nickels and Dimes (D), Sure Thing (D), We're Through Forever 'Till Tomorrow [with Richard Dennison, her brother-in-law], With You Gone (D)

Dance With Dolly 12" Single (RCA) 1978: Baby I'm Burning [disco remix] (D), I Wanna Fall in Love [disco remix] (D)

"Palms of Victory"**** 1978 unreleased (appears on 2007 boxed set Songbird: Rare Tracks and Forgotten Gems ) (EH)

"Even Cowgirls Get the Blues"**** (Warner Brothers) 1979 Blue Kentucky Girl (EH)

GOLD Great Balls of Fire (RCA) May 1979 [also released on picture disk]: Almost in Love, Do You Think That Time Stands Still (D), Down (D), Great Balls of Fire, Help, It's Not My Affair Anymore, Sandy's Song (D), Star of the Show (D), Sweet Summer Lovin', You're the Only One

Dolly, Dolly, Dolly (RCA) April 1980: Even a Fool Would Let Go, Fool For Your Love, I Knew You When, Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle To You, Packin' It Up, Same Old Fool, Say Goodnight, Starting Over Again, Sweet Agony, You're the Only One I Ever Needed

"Green Pastures" [with Emmylou Harris] (Warner Brothers) 1980 Roses in the Snow (EH)

Porter & Dolly* (RCA) August 1980: Beneath the Sweet Magnolia Tree (D), Daddy Did His Best, Hide Me Away (D), If You Go I'll Follow You, If You Say I Can (D), Little David's Harp (D), Making Plans, Singing on the Mountain, Someone Just Like You, Touching Memories

GOLD 9 to 5 and Odd Jobs (RCA) November 1980: But You Know I Love You, Dark as a Dungeon, Deportee: Plane Crash as Los Gatos, Detroit City, House of the Rising Sun, Hush A Bye Hard Times (D),GOLD 9 to 5 (D), Poor Folks Town (D), Sing For the Common Man, Working Girl (D)

"Everyday People" (1980 version), "9 To 5 Love To Infinity Remix" (2008 U.K. version) (D) previously-unreleased bonus tracks included on 2009 re-issue of 9 To 5 And Odd Jobs.

Evangeline**** (Warner Brothers) 1981 (EH): Evangeline, Mr. Sandman [album version; the single version is Emmylou Harris only]

"My Blue Tears"**** (D) (Asylum) 1982 Get Closer (LR)

Heartbreak Express (RCA) March 1982: Act Like a Fool (D), As Much As Always (D), Barbara On Your Mind (D), Do I Ever Cross Your Mind (D), Heartbreak Express (D), Hollywood Potters (D), My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy (D), Prime of Our Love (D), Release Me, Single Women

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas soundtrack (MCA) July 1982: Hard Candy Christmas, I Will Always Love You (D), Lil' Bitty Pissant Country Place, Sneakin' Around (D) [with Burt Reynolds]

PLATINUM Greatest Hits (RCA) September 1982 [no new cuts; included because also released on picture disk as HBO Presents Dolly]

Winning Hand (Monument) 1982 [her vocals 1965-67, all others 1982]: Everything's Beautiful (D) [with Willie Nelson], Happy Happy Birthday Baby [with Willie Nelson], The Little Things (D), Ping Pong [with Kris Kristofferson], Put It Off Until Tomorrow (D) [with Kris Kristofferson], What Do You Think About Loving (D) [with Brenda Lee]

Burlap and Satin (RCA) May 1983: Appalachian Memories (D), Calm on the Water (D), A Cowboy's Ways (D), A Gamble Either Way (D), I Really Don't Want To Know [with Willie Nelson], Jealous Heart (D), One of Those Days (D), Ooo-Eee, Potential New Boyfriend, Send Me the Pillow You Dream On

"Potential New Boyfriend" (dance remix); 1983 (RCA) 12" single

Don't Cheat in Our Hometown (Epic) 1983 (RS): Don't Step Over an Old Love [with Ricky Scaggs], A Vision of Mother [with Ricky Scaggs]

The Great Pretender (RCA) January 1984: Downtown, Elusive Butterfly, The Great Pretender, I Can't Help Myself, I Walk the Line, Save the Last Dance for Me, She Don't Love You Like I Love You, Turn-Turn-Turn, We Had It All, We'll Sing in the Sunshine

PLATINUM"Islands in the Stream"*** (RCA) September 1983 Eyes That See In The Dark (KR)

Rhinestone soundtrack (RCA) May 1984 [**: with Sylvester Stallone]: Be There** (D), Butterflies (D), God Won't Get You (D), One Emotion After Another (D), Stay Out of My Bedroom** (D), Sweet Lovin' Friends** (D), Tennessee Homesick Blues (D), What a Heartache (D), Woke Up In Love** (D)

DOUBLE PLATINUM Once Upon a Christmas*** (RCA) September 1984: A Christmas To Remember (D), Christmas Without You (D), The Greatest Gift of All, I Believe in Santa Claus (D), Once Upon a Christmas (D), Sleigh Ride/Winter Wonderland [solo], White Christmas [solo], With Bells On (D)

Real Love (RCA) January 1985: Come Back to Me (D), Don't Call It Love, I Can't Be True (D), I Hope You're Never Happy (D), It's Such a Heartache, Once in a Very Blue Moon, Real Love***, Think About Love, Tie Our Love in a Double Knot, We Got Too Much (D)

"Real Love" [without Kenny Rodgers' vocals] recorded 1985/released 1995 in RCA Essential Dolly Vol. 1

"Unwed Fathers" [with Gail Davies] (RCA) 1985 Where Is A Woman To Go (GD)

Ballad of Sally Rose [Emmylou Harris album, appears on songs throughout] (Warner Brothers) 1985

PLATINUM Trio**** (Warner Brothers) February 1987: Farther Along, Hobo's Meditation, I've Had Enough, Making Plans, My Dear Companion, The Pain of Loving You (D), Rosewood Casket, Telling Me Lies, Those Memories of You, To Know Him is to Love Him, Wildflowers (D)

Rainbow (Columbia) November 1987: Could I Have Your Autograph (D), Dump the Dude, Everyday Hero, I Know You By Heart [with Smoky Robinson], Make Love Work, More Than I Can Say (D), Red Hot Screaming Love, River Unbroken, Savin' It For You, Two Lovers

Best of Dolly Vol. 3 (RCA) 1987 [remix cuts only included in this listing]: Do I Ever Cross Your Mind (D) [remix], We Had It All [remix]

"Most of All Why" (D) [with Holly Dunn] (Warner Brothers) 1989 Blue Rose of Texas (HD)

"Sisters" [with Stella Parton] 1989 Always Tomorrow (SP)

GOLD White Limozeen (Columbia) May 1989: He's Alive, The Moon the Stars and Me, Slow Healing Heart, Take Me Back to the Country, Time For Me To Fly, Wait 'Til I Get You Home (D) [with Mac Davis], What Is It My Love (D), White Limozeen (D), Why'd You Come in Here Looking Like That, Yellow Roses (D)

"Do I Ever Cross Your Mind" (D) [with Randy Travis and Chet Atkins] (Warner Brothers) 1990 Heroes and Friends (RT)

"Love Is Strange"*** (Reprise) 1990 Love Is Strange (KR)

GOLD Home for Christmas (Columbia) September 1990: The First Noel, Go Tell It on the Mountain, I'll Be Home for Christmas, Jingle Bells, Joy To The World, The Little Drummer Boy, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, We Three Kings

PLATINUM Eagle When She Flies (Columbia) 1991: Best Woman Wins (D) [with Lorrie Morgan], Country Road (D), Dreams Do Come True, Eagle When She Flies (D), Family (D), If You Need Me (D), Rockin' Years [with Ricky Van Shelton], Runaway Feeling (D), Silver and Gold, What a Heartache (D), Wildest Dreams (D)

"Mother Church" (Porter Wagoner and Friends) (RCA) 1991 Pure Gold (PW)

"Waiting for the Phone to Ring" [with Patty Loveless] (MCA)1991 Up Against My Heart (PL)

Straight Talk soundtrack (Hollywood) 1992: Blue Me (D), Burning (D) [with Les Taylor], Burning to Burned (D), Dirty Job (D), Fish Out of Water (D), Light of A Clear Blue Morning (D), Livin' a Lie (D), Straight Talk (D), Thought I Couldn't Dance (D)

PLATINUM Slow Dancing With the Moon (Columbia) February 1993: Cross My Heart, Full Circle (D), (You Got Me Over A) Heartache Tonight (D) [with Billy Dean], High and Mighty (D), I'll Make Your Bed (D), More Where That Came From (D), Put a Little Love in Your Heart, Romeo (D), Slow Dancing With the Moon, What Will Baby Be (D),Whenever Forever Comes (D) [with Collin Raye], Why Can't We

"Billy Dale" [with Asleep at the Wheel] (Liberty) 1993 Tribute to Bob Wills (AATW)

"Corner of the World" [with Andy Landis] (Star Songs) 1993 Stranger (AL)

"The Day I Fall in Love" [with James Ingram] (Columbia) 1993 Beethoven's 2nd soundtrack

"You've Lost That Loving Feeling" [with Neil Diamond] (Columbia) 1993 Up on the Roof (ND)

"If You Ain't Got Love" (D) (FOX) 1993 Beverly Hillbillies soundtrack

GOLD Honky Tonk Angels [with Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette] (Columbia) October 1993: I Dreamed of Hillbilly Heaven, I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know, It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels [plus Kitty Wells], Let Her Fly (D), Lovesick Blues [plus Patsy Cline], Please Help Me I'm Falling, Put It Off Until Tomorrow (D), Silver Threads and Golden Needles, Sittin' on the Front Porch Swing, That's the Way It Should Have Been, Wings of a Dove, Wouldn't It Be Great

"When You Tell Me That You Love Me" [with Julio Iglesias] (Columbia)1994 Crazy (JI)

"Where The Grass Won't Grow" (with George Jones, Trisha Yearwood and Emmylou Harris) (MCA) 1994 The Bradley Barn Sessions [GJ]

"Everyone But Me and You" (with Mac Davis) (Columbia) 1994 Will Write Songs For Food [MD]

Heartsongs (Columbia/Blue Eye) October 1994: Applejack (D), Barbara Allen [with Altan], Black Draught Theme, Brave Little Soldier (D), Cas Walker Theme, Coat of Many Colors (D), Heartsong (D), Hold Fast to the Right, I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes, In The Pines, Longer Than Always (D), Mary of the Wild Moor, My Blue Tears (D), My Tennessee Mountain Home (D), Night Train to Memphis, PMS Blues (D), Smoky Mountain Memories (D), To Daddy (D), True Blue (D), Walter Henry Hagan (D), Wayfaring Stranger, What a Friend We Have in Jesus

"Softly And Tenderly"**** 1994 unreleased (appears on 2007 boxed set Songbird: Rare Tracks and Forgotten Gems ) (EH)

"You Gotta Be My Baby" (Mercury) 1994 Red Hot & Country

Something Special (Columbia/Blue Eye) 1995: Change (D), Crippled Bird (D), Green Eyed Boy (D), I Will Always Love You [with Vince Gill] (D), Jolene (D), No Good Way of Saying Goodbye (D), The Seeker (D), Something Special (D), Speakin' of the Devil (D), Teach Me To Trust (D)

"Son of a Preacher Man" 1995 or 1996 (supposedly appears only on European picture disk release of either Something Special or Treasures, but I've never been able to confirm it; she did record it and performed it on "The Tonight Show," but it was removed from the album before its release)

"Blues Ain't Working On Me" [with Rhonda Vincent] (Giant) 1996 Trouble Free (RV)

Treasures (Rising Tide/Blue Eye) 1996: After the Goldrush [with Allison Krauss and Suzanne Cox], Before the Next Teardrop Falls [with David Hidalgo], Behind Closed Doors, Don't Let Me Cross Over [with Raul Malo], For the Good Times, Just When I Needed You Most [with Allison Krauss], Peace Train [with Ladysmith Black Mambazo], Satin Sheets, Something's Burning, Today I Started Loving You Again [with John Popper], Walking on Sunshine

"Knockin' On Heaven's Door" [with Ladysmith Black Mambazo] (Shannchie) 1997 Heavenly (LBM)

Annabelle's Wish soundtrack (Rising Tide/Blue Eye) 1997: Silent Night, Something Bigger Than Me

"Peace Train" [techno remix] 1997 (Flip-it Records single)

Hungry Again (Decca/Blue Eye) August 1998: Blue Valley Songbird (D), The Camel's Heart (D), Honky Tonk Songs (D), Hungry Again (D), I Still Lost You (D), I Wanna Go Back There (D), I'll Never Say Goodbye (D), Paradise Road (D), The Salt in My Tears (D), Shine On (D), Time and Tears (D), When Jesus Comes Calling for Me (D)

"Sleepless Nights" (with The Nobles) (no label) 1998 Slow Glowin' Dream (TN)

Trio II**** (Asylum/Elektra) February 1999: Lover's Return, High Sierra, Do I Ever Cross Your Mind(D), After The Gold Rush, Blue Train, I Feel The Blues Movin' In,. You'll Never Be The Sun, Rode All The Way To Texas, Feels Like Home, When We're Gone

The Highway of My Life [Margo O'Donnell album; contains eight Dolly songs plus Dolly vocals; Irish release only] (Tulip) 1999: Wrong Direction Home (D) [with Margo O'Donnell and Maura O'Connell), God's Coloring Book (D) (with Margo O'Donnell)

Precious Memories [Dollywood release only] (Blue Eye) April 1999: Precious Memories, Power in the Blood, In the Sweet By and By, Church in the Wildwood, Keep on the Firing Line, Amazing Grace, Old Time Religion, Softly and Tenderly, Farther Along, What a Friend We Have in Jesus, In The Garden, When the Roll is Called Up Yonder

Walking on Sunshine [maxi-single] (Damian Music/BMG) August 1999: Walking on Sunshine [techno remixes], Two Doors Down (D) [techno remixes, new vocals], Peace Train [U.S. and U.K. techno remixes]

"Dreaming My Dreams With You" [with Alison Krauss and Lyle Lovett] (Rounder Records) August 1999 Forget About It [AK]

"Your Kisses Are Charity" [with Culture Club] (Virgin) July 1999 (single only)

"Satisfied" [with Vestal Goodman] (Pamplin Music) October 1999 Vestal and Friends [VG]

The Grass is Blue (Sugar Hill/Blue Eye) October 1999: Travelin' Prayer, Cash on the Barrelhead, A Few Old Memories, I'm Gonna Sleep with One Eye Open, Steady as The Rain (D), I Still Miss Someone, Endless Stream of Tears (D), Silver Dagger, Train Train, I Wonder Where You Are Tonight, Will He Be Waiting (D), The Grass is Blue (D), I Am Ready.

"Smoky Mountain Memories" (D) [lead vocals with instrumentalist Bryan Sutton] (Sugar Hill) 2000 Ready To Go (BS)

"Touch Of A Dove" [harmony vocals with Brian Waldschlager; produced by cousin Richie Owens] (Disgraceland ) 2000 Down There (BW)

"Making Plans" [with Johnny Russell] 2000 (OMS Records) Actin' Naturally (JR)

Born For You [duets with Kathie Lee Gifford] 2000: Only My Pillow Knows, Circle Game (KLG)

"Wave To The World" (various artists) 2000, charity single to benefit the International Paraplegic Games

Big Mon: The Songs of Bill Monroe 2000 (Skaggs Family Records): Cry, Cry Darlin' (various)

"Healing Hands" (with Sonya Isaacs) 2000 (Hollywood Records) Sonya Isaacs

Little Sparrow (Sugar Hill/Blue Eye) January 2001: Little Sparrow (D), Shine, I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby, My Blue Tears (D), Seven Bridges Road, Bluer Pastures (D), A Tender Lie, I Get a Kick Out of You, Mountain Angel (D), Marry Me (D), Down From Dover (D), The Beautiful Lie, In The Sweet By and By

"Heart Door" (with Paula Cole) (Reprise) February 2001 Sweet November soundtrack

"When Love Is New" (D) (with Emmy Rossum) (Vanguard) May 2001 Songcatcher soundtrack

"Send Me The Pillow You Dream On" (with Hank Locklin) (Coldwater Records) June 2001 Generations In Song [HL]

"Two of the Lucky Ones" (with Hal Ketchum) (Curb Records) September 2001 Lucky Man [HK]

"Slowly I'm Falling To Pieces" (with Paul Brewster) (Ceili Music) 2001 Everybody's Talkin' [PB]

"Loving You Too Well (with Ralph Stanley) (Rebel Records) 2001 Clinch Mountain Sweethearts [RS]

"The Pretty Young Girl" (with Altan) (Virgin/Narada World) 2002 The Blue Idol (Altan)

"I'll Never Say Goodbye" (with the Stevens Sisters) (Rounder) 2002 Little By Little (SS)

Halos & Horns (Sugar Hill/Blue Eye) July 2002: Halos and Horns (D), Sugar Hill (D), Not for Me (D), Hello God (D), If, Shattered Image (D), These Old Bones (D), What a Heartache (D), I'm Gone (D), Raven Dove (D), Dagger Through the Heart (D), If Only (D), John Daniel(D), Stairway to Heaven

"Violet And A Rose" (with Pam Tillis) (Lucky Dog/Sony) 2002 It's All Relative: Tillis Sings Tillis (PT)

"Falling Out Of Love With Me" (D) (with Pinmonkey) (BMG/BNA) 2002 Pinmonkey (P)

"Once Upon A Christmas" (D) (with Selah) (Curb) 2002 Rose Of Bethlehem (S)

"Bluegrass, White Snow" (with Patty Loveless and Ricky Skaggs) (Epic) 2002 Bluegrass, White Snow: A Mountain Christmas (PL)

"We Irish" 2002 (promo release studio recording of the song for Irish radio while she was on tour there)

"Dixie Darling" (with Arlo Guthrie) (Blue Groove) 2002 Banjoman: A Tribute To Derroll Adams (VA)

"Leave That Cowboy Alone" (D) (with Ray Benson) (Koch/Audium) 2003 Beyond Time (RB)

"Steady As The Rain" (D) (with The Larkins) (Koch/Audium) 2003 The Larkins (TL)

"Stand By The River" (with Dottie Rambo) (Spring Hill Music) 2003 Stand By The River (DR)

"Undercover" (D) (with Kenny Rogers) (Dreamcatcher) 2003 Back To The Well (KR)

"The Angels Rejoiced" (with Sonja Isaacs) (Universal South) 2003 Livin', Lovin', Losin': Songs Of The Louvin Brothers (various)

Just Because I'm A Woman (RCA Nashville/BMG Heritage) October 2003: Re-issue of this 1968 RCA album features two previously unreleased live recordings cut from the original 1970 collection A Real Live Dolly: "Just Because I'm A Woman" and "Coat Of Many Colors"

Just Because I'm A Woman: Songs Of Dolly Parton (Sugar Hill) October 2003: Dolly performs a new recording of "Just Because I'm A Woman" on this tribute album and provides harmony with Alison Krauss on Shania Twain's cover of "Coat Of Many Colors."

"High and Mighty" (D) (with Aaron Crisler) (Mountain Top Records) 2003 In Good Hands (AC)

For God And Country (Blue Eye/Welk Music) November 2003: The Lord Is My Shepherd (D-music), The Star Spangled Banner, God Bless The USA, Light Of A Clear Blue Morning (D), When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Welcome Home (D), Gee Ma I Wanna Go Home (D-additional verses), Whispering Hope, There Will Be Peace In The Valley For Me, Red, White And Bluegrass (D), My Country Tis, I'm Gonna Miss You (D), Go To Hell (D), Ballad Of The Green Beret, Brave Little Soldier (D), Tie A Yellow Ribbon, Color Me America (D), The Glory Forever (D-music)

"Jolene" (D) (with Mindy Smith) (Vanguard Records) 2004 One Moment More (MS)

"Creepin' In" (with Norah Jones) (Blue Note Records) 2004 Feels Like Home (NJ)

"My Tennessee Hills" (with Janis Ian) (Oh Boy Records) 2004 Billie's Bones (JI)

"Slippin' Around" (with Floyd Tillman) (Heart of Texas Records) 2004 The Influence (FT)

"Thank God I'm A Country Boy" (with Roy Rivers) (Clear Rivers Records) 2004 Thank God I'm A Country Boy (RR)

"Angels & Eagles" (with Kim McLean) (Hippie Chick Twain Records) September 2004 Happy Face (KM)

Live And Well (Sugar Hill/Blue Eye) September 2004 (live double-CD from December 2002 Dollywood concerts): Orange Blossom Special, Train Train, The Grass Is Blue (D), Mountain Angel (D), Shine, Little Sparrow (D), Rocky Top, My Tennessee Mountain Home (D), Coat Of Many Colors (D), Smokey Mountain Memories (D), Applejack (D), Marry Me (D), Halos And Horns (D), I'm Gone (D), Dagger Through The Heart (D), If, After The Gold Rush, 9 To 5 (D), Jolene (D), Acapella Medley: Islands In The Stream/Here You Come Again/Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Like That/Two Doors Down (D), We Irish (D), Stairway To Heaven, I Will Always Love You (D)

"It Looked Good On Paper" (with Randy Kohrs) (Lonesome Day Records) September 2004 I'm Torn (RK)

"Baby It's Cold Outside" (with Rod Stewart) (J-Records) October 2004 The Great American Songbook: Volume III (RS)

"Christmas Time's A Comin'" (Koch/Audium) October 2004 Christmas Grass Too (various artists)

"Viva Las Vegas" (Rounder) November 2004 (CD single; included on album The Grascals in 2005) (TG)

"If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me)" (with The Bellamy Brothers) (Curb Records) March 2005 Angels & Outlaws, Vol. 1 (BB)

"Cold" (D) (with Darrell Webb) (Lonesome Day Records) April 2005 Behind The Scenes (DW)

"When I Get Where I'm Going" (with Brad Paisley) and "Cornography" (with friends) (Arista) August 2005 Time Well Wasted (BP)

"I Will Always Love You" (with Jerry D.) (Double Diamond) August 2005 Sax In The Country (JD)

"The Blues Man" (with George Jones) (Bandit) September 2005 Hits I Missed . . . And One I Didn't (GJ)

"Silent Night" (with Billy Dean) (Curb Records) October 2005 The Christ (A Song For Joseph) (BD)

Those Were The Days (Sugar Hill/Blue Eye) October 2005: Those Were The Days (Mary Hopkin and Porter Wagoner, guest vocals; several veteran members of the Grand Ole Opry on the chorus; and an appearance by members of the Moscow Circus), Blowin' In The Wind (background vocals by Nickel Creek), Where Have All The Flowers Gone (harmony vocals by Norah Jones and Lee Ann Womack), Twelfth Of Never (duet with Keith Urban), Where Do The Children Play (with acoustic guitar by songwriter Yusuf Islam/formerly known as Cat Stevens), Me And Bobby McGee (guest vocals by songwriter Kris Kristofferson), Crimson And Clover (background vocals and guitar by songwriter Tommy James), The Cruel War (harmony vocals by Alison Krauss, Mindy Smith and Dan Tyminski), Turn, Turn, Turn (harmony vocal and electric 12-string guitar by Roger McGuinn of The Byrds), If I Were A Carpenter (duet with Joe Nichols), Both Sides Now (harmony vocals by Judy Collins and Rhonda Vincent), Imagine (with piano by David Foster)

"I Still Miss Someone" (with Martina McBride) (RCA) October 2005 Timeless (MB)

"Train, Train" (with Eric Lee Beddingfield) (Double Diamond) December 2005 Eric Lee Beddingfield (ELB)

"Travelin' Thru (D) (Nettwerk Records) December 2005 iTunes/February 2006 CD Transamerica soundtrack

"Heartbreaker's Alibi" (with Rhonda Vincent) (Rounder) May 2006 All American Bluegrass Girl (RV)

"Circle of Friends" (with Charlie Louvin and Alison Krauss) (Country Country Records) May 2006 If Only In A Song (CL)

"Tomorrow Is Forever" (with Solomon Burke) (Shout) September 2006 Nashville (SB)

"Beneath The Sweet Magnolia Tree" (with Christie Lynn and Porter Wagoner) (Gusto) September 2006 Christie Lynn Sings Country, Gospel, Bluegrass (CL)

"Jolene" (D) (Cracker Barrel) November 2006 Grand Ole Opry Live Classics: Great Ladies of the Opry (live recording from 1970s)

"God's Coloring Book (D) (with Charlie Pride) (Music City Records) November 2006 Pride & Joy (A Gospel Music Collection) (CP)

Singer Songwriter & Legendary Performer Dolly Parton (Dolly Records) February 2006 (promotional CD distributed free in London’s The Mail On Sunday newspaper to promote her European tour): New live concert recordings: Baby I’m Burnin’ (D), Two Doors Down (D), The Grass Is Blue (D), Jolene (D), 9 To 5 (D), Hello God (D); new studio recordings: Coat Of Many Colours (D), These Old Bones (D), Little Sparrow (D), God’s Coloring Book (D), I Will Always Love You (D); previously-released recording: Travelin' Thru (2005/2006 version)

"This Old House" (with Brenda Lee) (Provident) April 2007 Gospel Duets With Treasured Friends (BL)

"River of Happiness" (D) (Sparrow) July 2007 I’ll Fly Away: Country Hymns and Songs of Faith (various)

"Drifting Too Far From The Shore"* (Gusto/TeeVee) July 2007 Best Of Grand Old Gospel 2008 (PW)

"Better Get To Livin'" (D) (Dolly Records) iTunes digital single release August 2007 (to be on Backwoods Barbie in February 2008)

"Love Is Like A Butterfly" (D) (with Deana Carter) (Vanguard) October 2007 The Chain (DC)

"Daddy's Old Fiddle" (D) (with Charlie Daniels) (Blue Hat) October 2007 Deuces (CD)

"My Perfect Reason" (with Bill Anderson) (Madacy) October 2007 Whispering Bluegrass (BA)

Backwoods Barbie (Dolly Records) February 2008: Better Get To Livin' (D), Made Of Stone (D), Drives Me Crazy, Backwoods Barbie (D), Jesus & Gravity, Only Dreamin' (D), Tracks Of My Tears, The Lonesomes (D), Cologne (D), Shinola (D), I Will Forever Hate Roses (D), Somebody's Everything (D)
Bonus Tracks -- Wal-Mart: 9 To 5 (D) live, Best Buy: Baby I'm Burning (D) live, iTunes: The Grass Is Blue (D) live and I Will Always Love You (D) live, Target: Jolene (D) live and Two Doors Down (D) live, Cracker Barrel (2009 Collector's Edition Re-Issue): Rose Of My Heart (D), Hallelujah Holiday (D) and Berry Pie (D)

"Gold" (with Emmylou Harris and Vince Gill) (Nonesuch Records) June 2008 All I Intended To Be (EH)

"To Daddy (D) (with Tom Astor) (Ariola Germany) June 2008 Alles Klar! Kein Problem! (TA)

"Rockin' Years" (with George Jones; previously unreleased; recorded 1988) (Bandit Records) August 2008 Burn Your Playhouse Down (GJ)

"Do You Know" (D) (with Jessica Simpson) (Columbia Nashville) September 2008 Do You Know (JS)

"Fisherman's Song" (Wildflower Records) October 2008 Born To The Breed: A Tribute To Judy Collins (various)

"A Bridge Across" (Dynasty Intl.) January 2009 This Is My America (various)

"Applejack (D) (With Pam Gadd) (Home Sweet Highway Productions) January 2009 Benefit of Doubt (PG)

"Pretty Flowers" (With Steve Martin and Vince Gill) (40 Productions) January 2009 The Crow - New Songs for the 5-String Banjo (SM)

Sha-Kon-O-Hey! Land Of Blue Smoke (Dolly Records) February 2009: My Mountains My Home (D), Hey Howdy Hey (D), Working On A Dream (D), Time Flies (D), Heart of the Smokies (D), Good Time (D), Sha-Kon-O-Hey! (D), Forever Home (D)

"I Will Always Love You" (D) (With Stephanie J. Block) (PS Classics) April 2009 This Place I Know (SJB)

"Boots and Sand" (With Yusuf) (Eder Music BV) May 2009 Roadsinger bonus track (Y)

"The Bright Blue Rose" (with Maura O'Connell) (Sugar Hill) June 2009 Naked With Friends (MO'C)

Love Always: Live (Country Stars; European release only -- audio taken from 2001 Austin City Limits taping) June 2009: Train Train, Little Sparrow (D), Shine, Mountain Angel (D), Marry Me (D), A Tender Lie, I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby, Coat Of Many Colors (D), I Will Always Love You (D)

"Change It" (D) (with the cast of 9 To 5: The Musical) (Dolly Records) July 2009 Single Only

Rare Country Legends Live (Jim Owens Entertainment) August 2009 (live recordings, various artists): My Tennessee Mountain Home (D), Touch Your Woman (D), The Last Thing On My Mind (with Porter Wagoner)

* * * * *

Dolly Parton Presents Billy Earl & The Kinfolks (Circle-B Records) 19??: (The group consists of three of Dolly's cousins. She performs harmony on three songs): Tomorrow's Tears Today, Would You Believe, I'll Introduce You.

"Dreams Do Come True" (with Bill Owens) date uncertain, no label Dreams Do Come True (BO)

"Mathilda (I Cry And Cry For You)" (with John Henry III) (Country Blues Records) date uncertain, single only