Dollyood KidsFest

Dolly leads the crowd in singing "Happy Birthday To You" to Garfield. Bob The Tomato and Winnie The Poo can be seen in back.

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The Dollymania Recap (with pictures; posted June 22)

Photo Gallery 1: Dolly At Garfield's Birthday Party (by Duane Gordon; posted June 22)

Photo Gallery 2: Around The Park At KidsFest (by Duane Gordon; posted June 23)

Photo Gallery 3: Dolly's Ride Through The Park (by Jonathan Shepherd; posted June 24)

Photo Gallery 4: More From Around The Park (by Duane Gordon; posted June 25)

Photo Gallery 5: Dolly Close-Ups (by Harrell Gabehart; posted June 27)

Photo Gallery 6: More Shots (by Harrell Gabehart; posted June 29; three shots added July 2)

Photo Gallery 7: Final Shots (by Harrell Gabehart; posted July 15)