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Give me your poor, your tired, your hungry masses yearning . . . Wait, wrong speech! Dollymania is looking for your photos with Dolly, with your collection, or even dressed up as Dolly! E-mail them here and ask for them to be posted on the Fan Page. If there are several people in the photo, please try and identify them all. Thanks!

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Bill Christian of Barboursville, W.V., met Dolly at Dollywood‘s Backstage Restaurant on Sept. 25, 2005. He says: “It was the highlight of my life meeting my hero! She was everything and more!!”

Chong met Dolly at her CD signing in September 2004 in Hunstville, Ala. He says when she heard his name, she joked, “Where's Cheech?”

Matt, a staffer on The Daily Show, got to meet Dolly before her appearance on the program.

"Even us priests love Dolly!" says Father Jim, who sent in his picture with her.

Above, Dolly wipes away tears of joy from Sarah Moore as they meet backstage in Grand Prarie, Texas, in 2005. Below, Sarah and her mom with Dolly.

Amy and her daughter, Gabriela, met Dolly backstage at her Myrtle Beach concert in December 2005. Gabriela, who is 8, got an additional treat during the show when Dolly noticed her in the audience singing and dancing to “Two Doors Down” and began pointing at her and pretending that she was dancing with her.

Chris Dossenbach with Dolly at her 2005 Myrtle Beach concert.

Little Bryan, Jordan, Bradlie, Becky, Steve and Jessica met Dolly, center, and band member Kent Wells, right, at her Dallas concert in December 2005.

Dolly and Justin at 2005's Birmingham concert.

Dolly and Amber at 2005's Birmingham concert.

Jonathan and Michael met Dolly at her Atlanta concert in 2005.

Amber Eads met Dolly in Evansville, Ind., on the "Vintage Tour."

Chris Hunt met Dolly in Evansville, Ind., on the "Vintage Tour."

Artist Teddy Wayne Smith met Dolly at her 2005 Danville, Ky., show, where he presented her with a painting of her with her late parents.

Ryan and his son, Cole, met Dolly before her Milwaukee concert in 2005.

Dolly autographed Steven's back at her New York CD signing, and he says he immediately went to a tattoo parlor to have the signature made permanent.

Emily from Virginia got her third meeting (and photo) with Dolly at her CD signing for Those Were The Days.

Artist Paul Richmond is shown presenting Dolly with a drawing when he was 12 and then today with a "vintage" mural of her he painted in honor of her "Vintage Tour."

Sergio Garcia, left, won a charity auction to meet Dolly backstage at her LA show and brought with him friend Christian Brescia, right.

Emily from Virginia met Dolly at her D.C. concert on “The Vintage Tour.” It was her second time to meet Dolly but her first to get a hug (plus an autograph and "tons" of photos).

Paul Woodal Jr., who does drag under the name “Dolly Wood,” got to meet Dolly backstage at her Washington, D.C., show on “The Vintage Tour.” Dolly signed his copy of Real Love as well as his poodle skirt, and during the concert she pointed him out on the front row and dedicated “Jolene” with its alternate “drag queen” lyric to him.

Joe Skelly, left, and Mike Creed, right, met Dolly backstage at the Hammersmith in London during 2002’s Halos & Horns tour.

Wiley met Dolly at her House of Blues Chicago concert in 2002.

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